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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnguy224, Mar 24, 2010.


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    are you driving to tennessee for this package? i know a guy that would sell his 52" grand stand that has less than 100 hours on it. he needs a 60" rider for new propertys
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    That is what I was hoping for.
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    No way, my vantage is a little better than the lazer on hills, but it can't hang with a wb, not even close. I still have to pull the tthp off the trailer for really steep hills.
  4. lawnguy224

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    Has anyone heard about issues with the fuel tanks on the 2010 models??
    I have ordered 2 GS and the wait is killing me that can't even tell me when I "MIGHT" see them....anyone else in the same boat???
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    I was just told the reason mowers aren't coming in is due to Kaw not getting motors out quick enough. That came from my dealer.
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    Can someone please send me a link to the 32 service updates for the Grandstand. I own a 48in grandstand and am having problems with the break rubbing the tire, the throttle cable, and the deck height adjustment being real heavy. I have a good dealer and talked to them today I am the only person who has bought one of these machines from them and they have not heard of the updates. They asked if I could make a print out of them so I can show them so they can do them. i looked on toros site and entered the model # and serial # on the link from earlier pages in this thread and still could not find what i was looking for. thanks
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    How much is your friend looking to sell that 52" GS and where is he located?
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    There aren't that many.

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    More TSB's

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    The last two.

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