Toro Grandstand

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnguy27, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. Blazerfb

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    Does it have rods or linkage that looks like bike brakes? From the controls to the pumps that is.
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  2. grassman177

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    no idf between a 2010 and 2011, it is 09 that is the question
  3. yardguy28

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    yes i realize we are talking about 2 different machines. but the cut is very similar.

    i'm cutting tall fescue and kentucky blue.

    i go for perfection, not just finishing. so don't go critising my work.

    no updates needed between the 10's and 11's. it was the 09's that had updates.

    the 10's and on have the updates.
  4. Blazerfb

    Blazerfb LawnSite Member
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    No critics here, just pointing out some differences. They indeed are similar in cut but not at all in mobility. Def not trying to criticize anyone, just conversing ab mowers. Love my Grndstand(09) but would love to have a new one with rods and also in an Exmark. Have put about 70 hours on a 52" Exmark vantage at a side job, loved the controls so much more than the old linkage. Also like the deck much better than Toro's. Heavier duty IMO. Plus no greasing spindles.
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  5. Blazerfb

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    I see the discrepancy now. Your grass can probably handle that 52 alot better on hills and slopes especially at the height you must mow at. Bermuda and Zoysia are cut alot lower and grow much differently (you prob already know). Much easier to scalp and dig sides of the deck. I have to use a 36 on alot of properties that you could prob use a 60 or 72" deck! Good convo!
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