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Toro Groundmaster 118 44"

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Scag48, May 20, 2001.

  1. Scag48

    Scag48 LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 6,067

    Hey guys. I thought I would report on my test drive on my new mower. So far it's GREAT! The only problem I had, though, was a lousy belt that needed to be replaced once I got to the job. The guy I bought it from said it would last all day, I have one thing to say about that...Bull C*ap! I unloaded the mower off the trailer, let it idle down so it could warm up a little, then started mowing. Everything engaged nicely and I was off and rolling. After about 5 mins. I realized I forgot my ear muffs (eh?) so I went back to get them. I disengaged the blades and idled down. I came back about 2 mins. later and hopped on and went to engage the blades and the engine just bogged, then backfired, then died. I thought to myself "guy sold me a lemon!" but I remembered what he told me, check the gearbox driven blower. I checked to see if it was clogged. It wasn't and the grass wasn't extremly long so I'm sitting here thinking "what am I gonna do now?". Well, my grandpa was with me. Quite a mechanic he is and we took the deck covers off and checked all the belts on the deck. We moved all the blades to see if the bearings seized and they hadn't. Then I checked the belt that runs my hydraulic pump, the one that was pretty much toast. My grandpa said that he thought it had gotten hot and started to slip, causing the engine to bog. So, I checked my collection of belts the previous owner had given me to see if I had an extra. NOPE. Then I'm thinking, well, can't do anything now. So, we trucked back into town to get another belt. We got one, my dad met me at the jobsite and they replaced the belt while I was mowing part of the yard with the property owner's P.O.S. Craftsman (very sluggish and slow). They got it (the Toro) running so I went over to my dad so I could get off and mowing and he just takes off on it! I was like "Dad, mine! My mower, hand it over!" LOL. I ended up mowing with the Craftsman for a while then grandpa took over. I was sent off to trim for about an hour, while they mowed. When I got done trimming I booted my dad off my new mower and said "take a break man, my turn!" We ended up getting it all done. Took about 3 hours with 2 mowers and one guy trimming. I think next time I'll have a better feel for my Toro so I should be able to tackle it faster. Other than that belt, the mower is is great condition. Starts good and mows EXCELLENT. I was very pleased with the results. I can mow twice as fast and bag with the Toro and do a better job then I can with the Craftsman that is mulching and pulling one of those dumb yard sweeper things around behind it (property owner said "if you mow with this machine, PULL THE SWEEPER!). I can stripe pretty good with the 44" deck on it. The collection system is easy to use and does a great job. I plan to be a "master" at operating the machine over the next couple of mows. Takes a little getting used to. Anybody know of some weights I can put on the back end of this mower? It tends to jump when coming down hills. Sorry for the long post but I thought I'd share my insights so far on this mower. Later guys! :)

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