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  1. I read alot of feedback on many mowers but one type does not get much mention. Its the Toro Groundmaster series. The State of Hi uses exclusively on the highways. I must say I am impressed at there efficiancy. They are outfront style and some LCOs posting here are against out-fronts. But I have seen some wet/hill/tall grass situations that are tamed easily with these 4 wheel drives. In case you have not seen, here is the web site Wonder if its cost effective? If its not, thats explains why the State has them!
    Thanks for the help on my curiosity. And keep those snow plows runnin! Bumper crop in my old home town Lisbon/Franconia N.H.

    Aloha, P.Y.S.
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    I use to watch outside my grade school back in the late 70's as they mowed the lawn with Toro Groundmasters. They were the leader in the mowing production industry until the ZTR came along and stole the thunder. Toro has put the smaller series at pretty much a stand still.

    I feel I would have been better off buying a Groundmaster myself instead of a ZTR. I know that a 220 series will be my next big mower purchase someday! For those big acreage accounts I think they are the cats meow!

    You can get a 120 series with a 52" deck for under $5,000.
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    In our area many of the municipalities, parks, and recreation depts are using them mostly the Jacobsen/Toro though for their mowing needs.

    There are some contractors from Northern PA who travel across the border and use them for large acre residentials. We have a large outfit in our area who recently stopped cutting in the residential market, and they use these and larger Toros exclusively.

    I too remember gazing out the windows like Scott of my elementary schools in CA praying and wishing I could drive one. See Scott if we had payed more attention in school to our studies and less time sput-nickin(to qoute my grandfather) out the windows we would have real jobs by now -LOLOL!!

    Ive been in the biz for quite some time now and still like to watch them cut when I can at lunch. Guess someday I will grow up. Until then its ARGH! ARGH! ARGH! when Im at the local equipment dealers whether a new trimmer or the largest excavator.


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    Up here in Washington state all the gov't boys use the Deere outfront mowers, similar to the Toro although our local school district uses the Groundmaster.

    Deere has recently gone from the 900 and 1100 series to the 1400 series which are some serious horsepower, Diesel machines. Very high dollar.

    I mowed with a Deere F935 front mower with 72" deck, 20-something HP Yanmar diesel for the past two seasons.

    I just started using a new 60" Exmark Lazer mid mount.

    Time mowing is down. Quality of cut is up. Smoother ride.

    Check out some of the threads using search and you'll see that a lot of large acreage cutters, private contractors NOT gov't types have gone to the mid-mounts even for the 20+ acre jobs. They're usually using the DC or Exmark. Spend some time searching and see why. Will
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    You would need alot of big open acounts for it to pay off. a ZTR can handle small stuff as well. Also the 4X4 mowers are expensive to fix lots of extra motors and axles and extra stuff, Toro is not cheap when it comes to parts either.
  6. Wow! Today I saw The Toro Godzilla of a Groundmaster just whip the weeds into complete submission. One pass and fini. Had an enclosed cab and about 50,0000 decks. Just massive and it was fast. Now I would never need such a beast but like you say it makes you stop and daze away. Guess I got it bad. On the road, going to my next account, and I droool over some ol Groundmaster! Thanks for responses

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