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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by goodearthinc, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. goodearthinc

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    Bought a brand new 2011 Toro Groundsmaster 4000 last month and currently has roughly 200+ hours.

    Here are the following problems we've incurred after purchasing the machine.

    Emergency brake got stuck at 2 hours.
    Fan shroud melted when the engines overheated around 25 hours...
    Right rear wheel fell off at the differential, 6 bolts holding the hub on all sheered off at once. - 170 hours
    Accelerated peddle lost neutral adjustment and which would cause the engine not to start - 200 hours
    Screw caps on top of wheels that adjust the deck heights fall off and get run over - ongoing problem

    I wanted to open this thread up to discuss any other problems companies are having with this machine. We are looking to buy one or two more of these machines but would like some input from everyone on their problems on these groundsmasters. If you've had success with a similar machine that input would be greatly appreciated too.
  2. Restrorob

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    With all the issues you've had...... Are you serious ?
  3. topsites

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    The issue I am having difficulty comprehending is how is it possible folks put 200 hours on a machine in one month?
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  4. Mark Oomkes

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    6 bolts all sheared off at once? What did the operator hit?

    And the shroud melted? Plastic? Didn't the engine shut down before it overheated?

    The screw caps have been problematic forever and ever.
  5. crawford_d

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    Does your machine have a "smart fan"? Also how are you doing with yopur dealer and the Toro company? I would hope they are like "stink on ----" make this all right.
  6. crf450

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  7. pugs

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    If you run a machine like that 40 hours per week thats 160 in a month. Now bump that up to 50 in a week and thats 200. Math is your friend.
  8. goodearthinc

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    So far Toro has been very helpful with our problems at hand. The shroud is plastic and yes it does have the automatic shutdown, but didn't before it melted.

    And as far as the hours, a month was an estimate. However, we do work 10-12 hours per day and some on Saturday.
  9. groundsmechanic

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    We have a bunch of Toro 345 that use the same caster setup as the 4000 and we sometimes have problems with the forks coming off. I have found if there is too much spring pressure on the caps, they will work themselves off. I would take one spacer off the top of the fork and see how that works. The spacers on the top just keep the wheel from moving as much up and down.

    As far as overheating and causing the shroud to melt, I see Toro hasn't fixed that problem yet. We have a 4700 and that thing overheats like crazy. The radiator need to be cleaned multiple times a day to keep it flowing. Ours doesn't have the reversing fan though. I just washed the radiator out really well at the beginning of the season. Going from the inside out of coarse. Toro suggests removing the radiator every year and dipping it at a radiator shop to dissolve all the crud.

    I took our air inlet tube and flipped it around to the front also so it wouldn't suck as much grass and dirt up. I was changing the filter about once a week.

    We were going to trade our 4700 in for a new one but if they haven't figured out how to fix the cooling issues yet, we may have to wait.
  10. jhonster

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    We have several of these units. The one I'm working on right now is a 2006 model with 1700 hrs on it. I'm new to this facility having worked on heavy on road and off road trucks and equipment for many many years. Checked everything out (fan clutch, water pump, belt, radiator, fan, shroud, etc.) and the unit seems to be normal in most aspects. Tried blowing out and cleaning out the radiator and the unit still overheats (red all the way to the red) even w/no load on it. I can let it run at high rpm out in the driveway and it'll run up all the way and then come right back down if I let it idle. It almost seems like either the water isn't staying in the radiator long enough, the radiator isn't dissipating the heat well enough, or there isn't enough air flow across the radiator. I know that's cooling system 101, but what else could really cause this on an ongoing basis. It seems like they didn't engineer this setup quite properly for the application.

    Any thoughts?

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