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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Scag48, Jul 22, 2000.

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    I have a friend that takes care of a cemetary and he has a small Toro Groundsmaster mower that he might sell to me. I think he said it was eight years old but wasn't used a whole bunch. It was the smallest mower in the fleet, so it didn't get much use. It's got a 44" deck. I don't know the HP, he couldn't remember what it was. He said he if he were to sell it, he would sell for about $1200. I thought this was a dang good deal because finding a used 21" in useable condition is a rare find for me. If you know about my 3/4 acre job, you'd know why I need this mower. I just don't think the little JD is gonna be able to handle it. Okay all you Groundsmaster owners, is this a good deal?
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    It's a GroundsMaster 100 series and is 117, 118 or 120. (17, 18 or 20 horsepower) All are twin cylinder air-cooled engines of the Kohler (possibly Onan) variety.<p>Really is an insult to the Groundsmaster name because the thing is a toy and really not for everyday commercial use.<p>Get 3/4 acre to mow 1 or 2x per week? Perfect machine. Really can't go wrong for that price. New they're $6000 or so.
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    Ditto Lazers comments. Really part of the landscape contractor line and should not be called Groundsmaster. Groundsmaster 200, 300 series with the 72 inch Recycler is about as good as they come in the rotary market for that size, either gas or diesel bothe water cooled. Traction unit and deck constrution is better than others. Only thing that comes close is the Gravely. Be prepared to pay more for the Toro over, Jacobsen, Deere or Kubota. For what you describe, I would do the deal for what you need. <p>Former Toro Commercial Equipment Sales Rep for 7 years.
  4. That's a good deal for only $1200.<br>But it is not zero turn and harder to transport than a walkbehind.<br>But still better than a consumer grade garden<br>tractor at about the same price.<p>It will give an excellent cut with ground speed of up to 7 mph it has an 80% production rate of 2.4 acres per hour.<p>Since it is a hydro it makes a great platform to add any ground pounding attachments in the future.<p>If it was a 52&quot; it would be a lot more desirable.
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    Thanks guys. Since it is 8 years old, do you think I could still get a deck that would work for it. This may be a stupid question but Toro has been known to change their designs in the past years. If I could find a deck, what would be the best size and what do they cost? I guess a 44&quot; is about right to start out with but I plan to have it for a while, so if I get any really big accounts, having the deck size would be nice. Having the zero turn would be nice but they still turn pretty sharp, sharp enough for me anyway.
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    do you have a trailer to hook to moms car to haul this rider around?<br>

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