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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by impactlandscaping, Feb 25, 2004.

  1. impactlandscaping

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    Got a call from a local dealer(not my reg. dealer) the other day wanting me to come by and check out the Bradley mowers they are now carrying. I stopped in today and I'm not so impressed with the mowers as he hoped, so he offers me a demo 2003 Proline 48" fixed deck (with no more than 6 hours demo time he says), for $ 2300.00( He says it retails for 3100.00).Will be sold as new w/ full 2 yr wtty. I primarily use Snapper equipment, so I don't know the ins and outs of the t bar steering, pricing, etc..Is this a fair deal, and how well do they hold up maintenance wise? What about using Jungle Wheels with this as well?I need another mower soon before we get started.Any input is well appreciated..
  2. lbmd1

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    Depending on area and dealer markup, it could be a fair deal. I purchased the same mower from my dealer new for $2399. Saville's in Buffalo was selling them in the crate unassembled for $2250 last year I beleive. So for me, I would not think it's such a steal but for a machine with 6 hrs, I'd buy it if you can't make better deal. That machine cuts great by the way.

  3. MOW ED

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    I have a Toro 44" 15hp Hydro and it has been a good performer for me. The T-bar steering is extremely easy to use. My wife learned to use the mower in about 10 minutes.
    As far as price, my mower was about 4500 in 1999 with a Proslide.
    The only issues I read about here were with some of the decks. I don't exactly remember what was an issue but some guys talked about the restyled deck. I have the older style recycler on my machine. Good Luck
  4. grass_cuttin_fool

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    Yes i think that is a good deal, and the t-bar is easy to learn and maintenace isnt bad, I own a 52'' floating deck proline with a t-bar
  5. grass_cuttin_fool

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    ooops i forget to say i use a velke with mine and it works fine
  6. impactlandscaping

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    Thanks for the input. I was just curious to hear from Toro users, because everyone has their favorite brand(s). I am happy with the service and quality of Snapper, but still thinking of another brand to try something different.I can get a Snapper 48" w/ 17 hp Kawi from my dealer for less $$$ for a demo unit(1995.00). I am going to demo the Toro today and try the T bar steering vs. pistol grips / loop handles.What is the deal with the new Toro decks you are talking about?Design/ flow/ discharge/mulching??
  7. impactlandscaping

    impactlandscaping LawnSite Silver Member
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    Bumped to the front page today....for more input...
  8. homerescue

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    impactlandscaping, how are you I'm up here by clarksburg, you seriously ought to consider hydro and the toro tru trak sulky, makes it zero turn. I deal up here with thompsons great prices and really great service for the commercial guys. Any questions email me
  9. KenL

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    Impact, While I can't comment on the fixed deck, I've got a 52 Proline floating deck belt drive and a 62 proline floating deck hydro. They cut well. I like the results from a two wheeled sulky, no center stripe in the lawn. The t-bar is easy to use on both machines. The biggest single maintenance expense I've had has been a spindle replacement on the 52 and a pto clutch. But it is a 12 year old machine. I've had great success with both of my machines and plan to keep them in service quite a bit longer thru regular maint. and replacement parts. The price sounds good to me. My advice is get the biggest hp engine you can. As the engine ages and looses power, you'll be glad you did. No matter what you decide, be comfortable with your dealer and his service. If he's the only area Toro dealer, you will have to deal him with if you do have a problem.
  10. LawnScapers of Dayton

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    I assume (I know...) this is a belt drive. If so, I paid $2300 for my 48" Proline fixed deck BD new. T bar is great......very happy with the mower over all. I think the 15hp Kohler could have been a little bigger.....

    One my experience my 36" Proline does much better in wet grass than the 48". Almost no clumping with the 36". The 48" did alot better with double blades but still not as good as the 36" with singles.


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