Toro, Honda, or Yardman?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Okieboy42509, May 5, 2002.

  1. Okieboy42509

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    What brand of Mower should I use? I am going to be doing yard work this summer for several people, and i need a good mower, Toro, Honda, Yardman, or Scotts? What brand will be best as far as price verses durability? Thanks in advance.
  2. MikeLT1Z28

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    i'd recommend the honda or toro, 21" mower i assume? also make sure it's commercial grade, the others simply won't last if you are doing several yards. exmark also makes a 21" commercial mower, check them out as well.
  3. 65hoss

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  4. GarPA

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    Hoss you're bad........thanks for the gut laugh
  5. Okieboy42509

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    No thanks on the electric "weed wacker" I already have an Echo. I could see no reason for your smartass remark, I was just trying to get the advice that this website claims that I should receive. and F.Y.I., the lawns I am talking about are some older people that can no longer do it themselves, nor pay for some one to do it so I offered to do it for them. If you see something wrong with that, then I feel very sorry for you.
  6. mdb landscaping

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    Ive had great luck with the honda 21 inchers. Just dont get one with the plastic deck. Get the commercial grade 21 incher.
  7. yardboyltd

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    It does seem that most people in this profession, as general, can be rather cocky, and often resort to almost a caveman mentality of who ever has the bigger club(this case mower, business or ego), is conceded to think he king of the mountain.

    Perhaps the comment was just made for the sake of comedy...

    To your question: Honda and Toro are tops. I'd prefer the honda. I've never owned either but have a few relatives and contacts that do, in addition to demoing them.

    As for commercial vs. residential: that's your call. I got by with residential for a few years and still use a 22" craftsman because it runs good, cut's nice, and is adequate for what I use it for and is a descent price. Not only that, I have the tools to work on B&S engines, so it's even better.(Actually, only thing I've had to fix is a leaky crankcase seal after 4 years)

    Now if I had alot of yards that utilized a smaller 22", I'd consider a lawnboy commercial (start at appox $700) because it's 2 cycle, which means no oil maitenece, it's tried and true, it cut's great, has the 6.5 hp duraforce, and there's alot of accesorries for your cutting needs like baggers or mulching. In addition, the commercials have aluminum decks, which extends the mower's life because it won't rust like steel.

    However, it sounds your not deep into this and they all cut grass the same way so just choose what's in your budget.
  8. Okieboy42509

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    Thank for the replys guys, If i like mowing these lawns I plan maybe starting a buisness. My parents used to have a landscaping buisness, they had the Lawnboy, Snapper, and Turf tiger. So if I can find a good price on a lawnboy that is what I will purchase, the Gauranteed to Start warranty that comes with the toro is very appealing though. Also what do you all think aobut stick edgers? We used to use them for touchups only, but that is all i haved used as far as edgers are concerned. So if they are worth it I would rather have one of those then a larger edger. Thanks again.
  9. Okieboy42509

    Okieboy42509 LawnSite Member
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    Ok, I finally have it narowed down a little help would be greatly apreciated. I need to choose between a Lawnboy for $350, 2 cycle self propelled baggers are accessories. Or a Toro with 4 cycle Guaranteed to start in first 2 pulls for 2 years, self propelled comes with baggers, for $300. I have experience with the lawnboy but not with toro. What is the better deal? F.Y.I. i am not doing really heavy mowing probally around 3 to 5 lawns. thanks.
  10. Esby

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    Either one will do you just fine for what you are looking for. Just check them both out real good, and decide which one you like the best.

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