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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Michdeere, Aug 11, 2011.

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    I have contractor friend that has a customer with one of these systems. The homeowner lives out of state and the house is empty but on the market. Homeowner wants the system (which has sat idle for 8-10 years) to work. Water source is a 1.5 hp centrifugal pump at the lake. The first problem is a silver maple that has grown around the mainline where it exits the pump. (I'll try to post a picture when I can retrieve it from my cell) The pipe is crushed shut and the elbow out of the pump is pulled (broken) apart. It has also damaged a small (appx. 1/4") tube leading from a pressure switch at the pump. I assume this feeds straight to the controller? There is a toggle switch at the pump that turns the pump on and off.

    Once the plumbing issues are taken care of and the pump is primed, if I flip the switch will the pump shut off once the mainline is full? Is there a process to "bleed" the control tubing, or will the air just work its way out? Also, when winterizing, my normal procedure would be to pull the pump/intake from the lake and connect the air there. Will the valves operate correctly with compressed air as opposed to water?

    I suppose I could try and sell a retrofit of this system...

    I used the search feature here, and I have probably learned just enough to be dangerous. Any help is appreciated.
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    Sat idle for 8-10 years. Crushed pipe due to roots (possibly more that you can't see). Hydraulic system. Might be better served to go the retro fit or new install route.

    Here is my analogy - the customer has a 1976 Chevy Nova. You can still fix it, make it work, but it's still going to be a 1976 Chevy Nova.
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    Unless you know where all the valves are located, and they are the 250 series with bleed screws and flow controls, you won't be able to completely winterize the system. (if you do have all of that, you can actually winterize it with a dinky compressor)

    It sounds like an interesting arrangement - to use the system mainline as a pressure tank.
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    I know it was installed by the only Toro dealer in the area. They did and still do a ton of installs. I don't think they're hacks by any means. I'm certain there is no pressure tank though.

    I can account for only 1/2 of the valves.
    I like a challenge, but maybe I should run from this one.
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    I'd probably end up trying to fix it for the same reason: I like a challenge. :)

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