Toro hydro belt woes

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ProLawns, Jun 18, 2006.

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    The hydro belt on my Toro Z-master has only been lasting about a month and now it's starting to wear out even quicker. The belt starts to crack and large chunks are missing when I have to replace it. I've replaced the idler arm assy. and checked for any rough pulleys or obstructions and can't find anything wrong. I can replace it in about fifteen minutes but the belt costs $28. I tried a cheaper belt but it broke within two weeks. The belt also feels dried out and really stressed. Is it possible that the hydros are running hotter than normal causing extra stress on the belt? When the mower was new the belt lasted much longer.
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    Is it possible you are tightening it too much?

    The belts unfortunately need to be tight, but as a rule if the belt gets really hot, it tends to mean it is too tight which would also cause the cracks... I had this problem with my blade belt, it has to be pretty tight but not too tight, it was a trick that cost me a belt to figure out and it still gets kinda hot so I'm not too sure but I don't tighten them quite as much anymore.

    Might try and tighten the next one just a tee bit less, not too much but some.
    Play around with that until you find a happy medium, also try Napa for the belt but make sure you tell them it is an Ag belt!!!
    The problem I find with cheaper belts (like from Napa) is if they sell you an automotive belt then it will not last, but an Agricultural belt will do the trick (some people call them Industrial belts), usually telling them it goes on a mower, it is an Ag / Industrial belt does the trick.
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    Pro, are you talking about the engine to blade belt? and how many hours on the machine?
  4. Idealtim

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    I adjust my belts to the minumum before it starts to slip. That way you know your being as efficient as it could be.
  5. ProLawns

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    It's the belt from the engine to the hydro pumps. There's no way to adjust the tension. The idler is spring loaded which keeps tension on the belt and it doesn't seem to tight. Thanks for the tip on agg belts i'll get one and try it.

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