Toro Hydro Oil Cooler ?????

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by turfmaster90, Dec 23, 2004.

  1. turfmaster90

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    I wonder why Toro did not put an hydro oil cooler on their machines. John Deere and many of the other manufacturers did. Is there a way to put a cooler on the Toro's or is there a need to. Can Hydro oil run too cool??? :waving: :waving: :waving:
  2. Travis Followell

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    I'm not really familiar with Toro equipment so if it doesn't have an oil cooler i'm assuming that it has cooling fans on the pumps. Most companies use one or the other to help keep the pumps and oil cool. There are only two manufacturers that use both and they are Hustler and Dixie Chopper. It would be possible to put an oil cooler on it. It would definately help becuase the cooler the oil is the longer the machine will last. There is a thread in the mechanic and repair forum about installing an oil cooler on a mower that doesn't have one so you could check that out and find some info. I think its titled hydro oil cooler or something like that.
  3. Richard Martin

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    Exmark (the company that makes Toro's mowers) doesn't feel as though a hydro oil cooler is necessary with Mobil 1 synthetic oil. A lack of complaints about their hydro systems lends evidence to their thinking.

    I would like to see them put a much larger hydro oil reservoir on their mowers. With only a 1 quart reserve if it springs a leak you had better catch it quick.
  4. YardPro

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    the older toro's used what is equivalent to a auto trans. cooler for the oil. after they switched to exmark, they adopted thier synthetic philosophy.

    the synthetic thing works very well, BUT i love the fact that my hustler has dual coolers.

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