Toro, Irritrol, and K-rain Irrigation Vendors

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by jasond, Mar 13, 2005.

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    I am trying to find an alternate vendor/source for Toro, Irritrol, and K-rain irrigation parts. The local vendor (STI) sales rep just pisses me off every time I want to purchase something. I feel like I get the second degree because of the fact that we also do maintenance and fertilization services (his first comment to me was 'Oh, another irrigation contractor, huh?) They also require opening an account in order to get contractor pricing. Since I don't install or ever plan to install Toro, Irritrol, or K-rain products, and very little of the systems in this area are either of the two, I either replace with other brands (Rain Bird/Hunter/Nelson) or go to Home Depot and purchase their (crummy) Toro products.

    My reason for submitting this though, is that I have had two Toro controllers with dual 12/24V transformers go bad, and hate to replace the entire controller...when all I need is new transformers (the 24V is not producing). Also, I would like to purchase some decals for our service truck, but do not want the local vendor to know that I am advertising that we repair Toro, Irritrol, and/or K-rain systems.

    Has anyone used the national discounters seen advertising in the big industry magazines? Do you recommend using someone online, etc?

    Thanks for the information in advance. Keep up the good sprinkling!

    Cary, NC
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    Hey Jason give me a call 336-516-3058.
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    Check out

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