Toro leaks oil

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by giggle8803, Jul 15, 2008.

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    Hi Everyone

    Oil leak? on my Toro! Please help. Of course I didn't think to write down the serial number or anything (at work now). It's a 22" Recycler with a tecumsem engine, probably 2 years old. The valley of the top of the mower was full of oil last night. Cleaned up the oil last night and took photos this morning. I didn't check the oil level. It's probably been 10+ days since I've used it. I did check the oil last time/maybe time before I used it and dipstick indicated it was low so I added some to get it to the right level on the stick. It ran fine the last time I mowed...

    So what did I do wrong? Did I fill it too full? Should I empty the oil out and start over? Am I OK to mow with it?



  2. jkason

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    Either you have a carburetor float problem and the gas is getting into the sump, thinning out the oil, and leaking out -


    The square-cut o-ring at the bottom of the dipstick tube is cocked sideways, loose, or too well-lubed. If this is the case, remove the fuel tank, take the tube off the mower, clean the o-ring and put it back on. Hit the top of the dipstick with your palm to really seat it good on the o-ring when you put it back together.
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    Spray it down good with engine cleaner and hose off, then dry it. See if you can tell where the oil is coming from.

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