toro lets its clients down, again

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Dec 13, 2003.

  1. bobbygedd

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    you old timers know what i went through with toro. i will never buy another toro product. this is our first year doing residential snow service. my dealer had two toro model snow blowers . he recomended them, i almost bought one, but stuck to my guns(i will never buy another toro). instead, i bought a used junker for $200 that was reliable, and got me through the storm. my friend, was not so lucky. he paid $1350 for a brand new toro snow blower. the first day, it broke down. he fixed it himself cus he needed to get through the 2 day storm. the second day, it broke down. he again fixed it. it again broke down at the end of the day. he brought it back to the dealer he bought it from. they refused to replace it, but said they would fix it. today is saturday, there is a storm forcast for tommorow. he called, they said it wasn't done. he said screw it, i'll work on it myself. he went down there, and THERE WERE 2 OTHER GUYS, WHO BOUGHT THE SAME SNOWBLOWER, ALL WITH THE SAME PROBLEM! THEY SAID THEY WERE "UNABLE TO GET PARTS", but, my friend called around, and he was able to get parts, why weren't they? he fixed it himself, again, and really wants his money back, but they wont refund it. bottom line TORO DOES NOT BACK THIER PRODUCTS! THEY WILL COST YOU DOWNTIME, MONEY, AND LOSS OF CUSTOMERS, AND COULDN'T CARE LESS!!!!
  2. J Hisch

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    If he by passes the dealer an contacts toro he may have some luck but he will also ruin his relationship with the delaer not that they havent already done that.
  3. Avery

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    I have nothing but good things to say about Toro. If one of my machines goes down they someone to look at it. If they cannot fix it in the field they pick mine up and leave me a loaner. You cannot ask for better service than that.
  4. lbmd1

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    Sorry but I have to disagree. I have purchased over $60,000 worth of Toro's product over the past 7-8 years without a problem with product quality or dealer support. While though I am an avid supporter of their commercial mowing products, I would not purchase anything from their snowblower line. I turn to Ariens when we need reliable snowblowing equipment. No need to get emotional Bobby and bash an entire company because you and a friend bought a lemon or homeowner model. Maybe your dealer isn't up to par where you're located. He did say he will fix it right? Where does it say that your warranty entitles you to 1 hour processing?

  5. Tonyr

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    Had a similar problem when my Toro was new, had a few problems, the local dealer at the time said it wasn't his job to check deck issues, what the f? Well obviously a new $23000 mower needed to be right, but I had no support from this clown, I emailed toro over and over, couldn't get past the swith board, they said my only hope of repair was from this agent, I said, this was the problem, he didn't want to do warrantee work, she said, there is no other way, I said legal advice would follow, she wasn't concerned...

    Eventually I spoke to the state sales rep, problems were fixed at another agent.
    These first problems not fixed caused other problems, new agent now, thankfully, service boss of toro came inspected the mower, 4hrs drive btw with the new state sales rep, everything is fixed, and I won't ever need to go back to the crap agent, they have bridged some gaps and service won't ever be a problem.

    Things started out bad, but due to these state reps and my old Walker agent joing Toro no problems, and from the way this was fixed once I got around the girl at head office I will buy the new toro 588E. Toro is different to Hustler for e.g(I think). Toro does not as a rule deal with contractors, there is a strict chain, we speak to our agent/dealer, he speaks to the service dept, disputes between us and dealer are handled by these sales reps, these guys also work in with service depts, these guys do what they can to ensure we and agent/dealer are happy and that our mowers are running well. There is no one above these sales reps who can help unless you are seeking legal action.

    The system when it lets you down is scary, this system puts a lot of pressure on building professional relationships between agent/dealer and the state reps and us, when a link goes bad we are screwed, so We have to play nice, don't rock the boat and service is great. If you don't have fantastic dealers around you, I'd check options as a bad dealer can burn you, and if he is friendly with the rep at the time, you have nothing, finito!. But a good rep will see to it the machine is fixed, having the good rep is better than the dealer authority wise, having both and stay friendly you will be very happy.

    Toro as I have seen in the last few months is putting more energy into customer satisfaction, well they had to eh?
    The system isn't perfect, just have to know the line of command...
    Client satisfaction has always ben their let down, it is getting better over time, but they do build a good product in general, having a batch as it looks of snow blowers go out in your winter seems like their quality assurance dept must of been out fishing that day, that is not remotely acceptable, this is the issue your state sales rep will get fixed, they pull the strings, they sort crap dealers out.

    Good luck.

    Sorry for my usual long reply, bad habit!

  6. bobbygedd

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    mike, one hour proccesing? my azz. he dropped it off on wed, today is sat. in my case, it was a 2 week long ordeal, where THEY said i had to pay for the repair!!!! on A BRAND NEW MOWER, THAT THEY ADMITTED WAS DEFECTIVE!!!!
  7. ElephantNest

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    People wonder why I always say eXmark over Toro. "Same machines" they scream. My butt. I hear ya, Bobby.
  8. MacLawnCo

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    This is obviously a dealer issue Bobby. My dealer treats me well, and in return i do likewise.

    I see absolutley no reason why they should replace his snowblower??? How do you figure, id like to hear :)
  9. Turfdude

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    Bobby, I don't purchase much toro anymore, but sounds to me like a dealer problem. Do you know that Lipinski purchased some hundreds of the toro snow commander single stage blowers 2 years ago. I have a very old toro snow thrower 521 model from the mid 80's and I also picked uo one smaller 7 hp snmow commander last season for the slushy snows we get - no problems. I used to have 2 21" toro self propelled mowers. Great machines w/ the suzuki engines. They got more beat up rolling around on the trailer n stuff than by use. I do not care fo their t-bar controlled walk behind units though.
  10. Envy Lawn Service

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    OK I'm getting in on this one because I am SICK-2-DEATH of reading 'it must be the dealer' or 'Exmark'... over and over every time someone posts something like this.

    Before someone flames me, PLEASE don't get me wrong, I'm not pointing fingers at any one person nor am I looking to make anyone mad who suggests these things. Believe me I DO realize that sometimes this is the case. Sometimes the service dept screws the repair up. Sometimes the dealer says "I can't get the part" yet you find it elsewhere within the hour. Agreed.

    But to begin with, the dealer is in the business of making profits from sales and profits from non-warrenty repairs. It's not the dealer's fault that your brand broke, unless it involves the set-up process, because the dealer didn't build your machine.

    But the dealer is in the service business. So if the dealer wants your repeat business, they better get to servicing and fast....right? Agreed.

    So the service dept gets on it, you go pick it up and it's still not right. Well it could be the dealers fault for having a lousy service dept. But then again, the mechanic's tech certification hanging on the wall don't mean quite what it ought to. So there again there is room to point the blame elsewhere.

    Now in this case where the dealer 'can't get the parts' could be the dealer's fault. Maybe they don't pay the bills or maybe they want to put you out while they file warranty and wait for Toro to provide the part the part so it doesn't 'cost' them up front. Agreed.

    But it is also likely that the parts network just blows. If they had the part they couldn't locate it to save their life, ect. Or maybe the dealer that did have the part wouldn't agree to a transfer. I guess you could also add that maybe the part was on backorder due to the machine being junk. This is likely the case since 3 are there with the same problem. All of which points away from the dealer. But he's caught in the middle anyways.

    The bottom line is, in this instance Toro should be supplying an new trouble free snowblower, no questions asked. I think sometimes we are too hard on our dealers and treat them unfairly because we are inconvenienced by the equpment they sell us. I know I've sure been guilty of it. It's not always their fault.

    As for the brand thing, let a major QC issue pop up where a whole run of something is breaking down or consider one of those WTF/can't figure it out problems crop up and you all know even Exmark will 'flounder around' from the dealer all they way back up to headquarters. It's been documented here, a few times. I can also think of examples right off the top of my head with every other brand as well.

    Again, I didn't mean this to offend anyone. It's just a reminder to try to remain civil with those who may be in the position to help you and try to preserve relationships whenever possible. IF you must resort to stepping on some toes to get something done, make sure you're stepping on the right ones. A lot of times the MFG is to blame as Bobby suggests.

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