Toro mid mount 286E ZTR.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Devin, Dec 13, 2001.

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    Whats your scoop on Toro's 286E ZTR Mid- Mount. :blob3:

    Last june I bought a Toro 287L, 27HP V-Twin,liquid cooled Kawasaki, with a 62 inch deck.I have been using it since and have been very pleased. I have a Dixon 5023 (50" deck with a 23 HP Kohler) with a blower and bagger attachment that I use for my smaller places. I have 6 commercial properties and 42 residential customers. Here lately my dealer has been talking to me about getting a Toro 286E, 26 HP fuel injected Kohler with a 72"inch deck. Does anyone own or have they used the Toro286E?? I am thinking about getting one but dont want to make the wrong move.


    Wilson's Lawn Service
    Thornton Tx.Whats your scoop on Toro's 286E ZTR Mid- Mount
  2. leaflawnandlimb

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    I think the 27 kawi is a better engine than the 26 efi, at least on the the 72".
  3. Albemarle Lawn

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    This is the same engine, without EFI.

    I think you will still be underpowered, as my 72 is sluggish in tall grass, esp when operating uphill.

    Get the most HP possible with that 72.

  4. Kent Lawns

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    A 26efi has noticably more power than the 25hp.

    We have the 26hp 72" deck and it is great.

    Do I like it better than the 27hp Kawasaki?
    I like the no-choke of the 26efi,
    But I like the 27hp LC Kawasaki because it's quiter.

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