Toro mid-size vs. Scag (any suggestions)


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Dallas, TX
I am trying to speed up my business. Too many yards and don't want to hire another employee. I am thinking about buying a bigger mower. I currently use Toro 2-cycle commercials (21") but want to go to at least 34" cutting width.

The two brands I mostly see used in my area are the Scag and Toro mid-size. Does anyone have any preferences or thoughts? I appreciate any thoughts.

Fareway Lawncare

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Toro & Scag only make belt 32"'s...belt 32" & 36" never saved me much time over the Proline 21"'s on our small props & they wore you out more w/ all the turning & backing up..eXmark makes a Sweet 32" Hydro..

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