Toro New 30 in selfpropelled push mower!

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Toro has a new line up of push mowers and engines! A 30 in push style mower double blades price around$1000 and weight about 132# and a commerical type engine, cast-iron sleve, and oil filter. and their new premium ohv engine has a cast iron sleve. I Just wanted to give the heads up out their.I,m Really thinking about the new time Master by toro 30 in my line up!

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Yes I'm 80% sure I will buy one from Home Depot this Spring however I'd be suprised if I didn't return it inside of 30 days.
Wouldn't you want to go dealer bought on something like this?

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I like the concept it actually words.

What the current status of BOP?
Don't know what the current BOP status is. I'm more than concerned about getting parts for the mowers down the road such as control cables, levers, clutches and spindle center shafts.
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