Toro OneStep Zero Turn Fertilizer Spreader

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    TORO One-Step Fertilizer Weed Control Spreader Zero turn $1,500 each

    Your choice, or take both. Each machine is ready to go and needs nothing but a bag a fertilizer and some liquid weed killer to be applying today!

    Zero turn hydro drive. 100 lb., & 20 gallon capacity

    These machines where custom fabricated for us and extremely well built and designed.
    We have owned 8 of these over the years. These two were both being used full time in 2010, but are now occasional use, used a few times a month.

    One machine has a manual lever to open hopper, the other has an electric opening hopper operated by a switch.

    Kholer Command Pro 15 HP engines, uses about 2 gallons of gas in a 8-10 hrs

    Electric Start, Reverse

    built on a Toro Proline HYDRO Traction unit

    20+ gallon Stainless steel herbicide tank

    3 nozzle spray with fold in and booms allow machine to fit through a 36" gate

    switch operated herbicide, with 3 valves to select which booms are spraying

    Spyker 100# hopper

    Heavy Duty electric fan motor, with variable speed

    coiled spot spay hose with adjustable tip for spot spraying or inaccessible areas

    Excellent on steep hills

    Zero-flat front tires

    Jungle Jims jungle wheels stand-on sulky platform

    Located in Ludington, MI 49431
    1.5hrs north of Grand Rapids, 1.5 hrs south of Traverse City



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  2. grassman177

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    always liked those on here. very nice machine.

    good luck
  3. cantbelieveIgetpaid4this

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    Both are still availible! anyone? Not quite as good as a Z-spray,(although smaller, and much better on hills).
    Way better than a PermaGreen!

    Look at the pics!
  4. Huskers

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    I would love to see these machines and try them. I live in NE. If you still have them this fall/winter when we are done I will make the trip and take a look at them. Thanks Jeff

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