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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dfor, Feb 10, 2000.

  1. dfor

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    I have a dealer in my area who is great on service. He usually gets you up and going within a day or less. He carries Toro and Bunton. I have a Scag belt drive now and want a 52" hydro. Which of these mowers would most of you guys go with? And is the T-bar on the Toro easy to use?
  2. mountain man

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    I have both a Toro 48 inch WB and a Bunton 48 inch WB. They both have been reliable and stripe good. If you use a velke the Bunton is a better choice. The catcher is lighter but messier on the Bunton. The Toro is probably the easiest WB to learn how to use. In the future I will probably buy more Toro WBs because it is so much easier to train new guys on. Also with the Toro I feel it is a safer machine to operate. On an end result of quality I am happy with either machine.
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    We started out with only Butons Mowers. Still have a 10 year old and cuts as good today as it did then. The new buton is the same as the Bobcat same plant and all. So it will be easier to get part and stuff for them but the down part which is one reason we looked at other machines is the cost they are great machines but a little costly. But I would still buy one anyday of the week.

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