Toro or Exmark. I know the arguments, but PLEASE REPLY!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by KB, Jan 26, 2001.

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    I am a very happy Exmark Turf Tracer owner. I am trying to sell to buy a rider. I am a part timer and cannot afford nor do I need both. My Exmark only has 100 hours so needless to say I have had no problems, but here is my question. Toro makes quality products and Exmark is the best mower that I have ever used. We all know the Exmark / Toro story and the fact that the deck is the only major difference. My Exmark dealer is an hour away and a quality Toro dealer is only 20 minutes. Seeing as how I am only a part timer and do not expect problems or regular needs for service that I cannot perform, should I go the "extra mile" (or 35-40 to be exact) for the sake of having the better Exmark, or go ahead with a very similar Toro with a little weaker deck? What do you think? What would you do?
  2. There is nothing weak about the toro deck esp. the 62.

    The GREASABLE Toro spindles and second to none using the best quaility bearings available.
  3. lsylvain

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    I actually prefere toro's Probibly just bias but I've used them quite a bit and never had any trouble out of them.
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    I believe Id buy the one I thought was best
    machine.You either going to wish you had all the
    time or change your mind about which is
    best.This has a little to do with me being me.
    Everybody I know, knows im going to get or try to get
    the best sooner or later.Its an ego thing I think.

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