Toro or Exmark? Online sales??


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Central, IA
I was wondering which of you liked toro and which of you like exmark, i know they are the same machines, but i was wondering which deck was better. I was also wondering how many of you would buy online? I am wondering because of the waranty work, and if you bought from the dealer, he would be more likely to help you. I also heard that if you buy certain brands online that it will affect the waranty? also wondering if this was true with toro or exmark?


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Central Florida
I buy most of my small equipment via mail order. I do all work on these myself anyway and don't like paying that much more to local dealers. They sell the stuff at MSRP with no break.

Mowers are a different story. I don't think I would feel comfortable buying one like that. If you buy it from a local or somewhat local dealer you can take it in for service. Getting a dealer to service a mower you bought elsewhere may or may not happen.

Buying from a local dealer doesn't guarantee anything either. The last three dealers I have bought mowers from have either gone out of business or are so big, they don't even know who you are. So that will put you in the same boat.

Spend a few dollars extra to buy it from a dealer that will be there when you need service. And will do things like give you a demo to use if needed. These dealers around here aren't all that easy to find.

Another thing to think about is if you finance the machine, it will be much easier to buy locally.


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Southern, Maine
We have a Toro Pro-line and love the T-bar stearing tried the Exmark and hated the lever stearing probly someone owning a exmark would say the same about Toro. Check your local dealers there both throwing a pro-mo out 0 down, 0 payments and 0 intrest till April 2001


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I just purchased a Toro Pro Line. It's my first mid size walk behind. The T bar works great. A fellow yard care pro put me on to them. The most important thing is the great cut it makes.


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I tried both. The toro deck is not as deep and I don't think handles taller grass very well. It does do a good job mulching. The exmark cuts tall grass very well and mulches 2nd to none. The exmark uses ball bearing to get the high blade tip speed whereas the toro uses roller bearings and from what I've been told, the toros have had some problem. Roller bearings don't handle that type speed very well. Exmark spindles are sealed and have no grease fittings. My opinion is the toro deck isn't as strong. But then again, I haven't tried to hit either deck against a tree to find that out. :)