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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by dsmill, Jul 17, 2005.

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    OK I’m getting ready to take the plunge to a zero-turn. Here’s my situation.
    Home owner with 2 acres. My old Craftsman just isn’t getting it done any more.
    I’m looking at either a Ferris IS 1500z 21hp & 48” deck, or a Toro Z440 with 19hp & 48” deck.

    The prices are about the same. They are both right at $5500.

    The Dealers:
    Toro - Claims he has the largest Toro/Wheelhorse showroom in the world. He’s built a great business and from what I hear has great service. He charges $40 to both pickup and deliver to my area. He sells only lawn and garden equipment.

    Ferris – This dealer is a Ferris Platinum dealer. They also are a farm implement dealer. He also has a great reputation with his farm customers. He only charges $26 to pickup and deliver.

    My lawn is flat but bumpy, so I’m leaning toward the Ferris. I’m planning on having both dealers drop off the units some Friday, so I can compare both on my yard and look at them side by side.

  2. sparcolawn

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    I have a toro z master 52 inch and i wouldnt trade it for anything in the world, the farris's are a lot more bulky and and overall larger unit which ends up getting in the way, the toro also has an adjustable deck for long grass and short grass, wet and dry also, its very nice, easy to run, and made extremely solid... hope this helps, good luck
  3. timinkc

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    i have a ferris 23hp 52" it's awsome... the truth is you'll like either, and both are great machines.

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