Toro or John Deere or Kubota

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by COMO Mower, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. COMO Mower

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    I am stuck on picking out a ZTR. I have been shopping around a lot and I am down to these mowers because of price/location/dealer. I have to stick with a 48" deck because of gates I could possibly do 52" but the 48" is safer.

    The Toro Z400 21/Kawa with the turbo deck $6700
    John Deere Kohler z710a $6500
    Kubota 22/KubotaZ222 $7000

    I can get a Ferris IS1500 for around $6100 but I was told the other models were a leap ahead of that.

    Can anyone give any info on these mowers price and performance feedback would really be appreciated.
  2. joslawn33

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    Just bought a 710 yesturday with 23 ponies a 48in deck 7iron deck nothing can come close. I actually sold a scag cub 19kawi 48 for this mower.Bought a 830 last year I myself havent seen nothing that will cut wet grass or dry thick grass like the john deere 7iron as of right now I cant see using nothing else.Used scag since 2000 demoed Deere fall of 07 and used deere every since.:weightlifter:
  3. mowerbrad

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    Out of those three mowers, I can say that you will like the Deere or the Toro the best...but I don't know anything about the Kubota's.

    The turbo force deck is a great deck that leaves a very good cut. But I like the Deere 7-ironII deck a little better, it handles wet grass much better and leaves an even better cut. But thats just my experience.

    I'd go with Deere.
  4. 06LTNox

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    My father-in-law has a Kubota diesel mower, nice unit, but I bought a Deere. The deck was a big thing for me, plus how the mower felt when I ran it.
  5. COMO Mower

    COMO Mower LawnSite Member
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    I think I have it narrowed down to Toro or JD. I am going this weekend and my father-in-law is looking to get a mower as well. He only buys JD so I hope we can get a better deal for picking up two of them.

    I was told to be weary of the Kholer motor on the JD's because it was a downgrade from the Kawa. They put those in there to keep the price down...
  6. mowerbrad

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    The kohler engine in the 710 is the Kohler Command engine which is a good engine. You really aren't stepping down any from the Kawi's. But typically mowers with kohler engines run a couple hundred cheaper than mowers with kawi engines. But anyway, you are getting a good engine still.

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