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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cutter22, May 13, 2008.

  1. cutter22

    cutter22 LawnSite Member
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    I just purchased a Toro 450 series model 74416 52" cut with a 23hp Kawasaki motor. I had problems withthe deck getting clogged up and leaving grass in the middle. No It wasn't wet either. Considering returning for a John Deere 810 series 48" cut with a 22hp Kawasaki, but have seen alot of complaints on the new JD's. Has anyone else had any problems with either of these mowers?
  2. lawnprosteveo

    lawnprosteveo LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Tulsa
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    The Toro Z I had...19hp kawi with a 52" deck....was a little under powered but cut nice. You just had to take it a little slower than I liked. The mower and the cut were very nice though....although not for the guy cutting alot of thick wet stuff and needing to do it quickly.

    I now have a Deere Quik Trak 647. 19hp kawi, 48" deck. Cuts just as nice or nicer...plenty of power for my little yards....but I would never buy another Deere solely based on the dealer support I have. Which is ZERO! I can only speak for the Deere dealers around here. They are terrible! Love the mower, cant stand the dealers....will never have another and will never recommend one either.

    That said, I saw a recent thread about the 800 series Deere having some problems. You ought to look at those before pulling the trigger on a new one.

    Hope that helps.
  3. cuttin-up

    cuttin-up LawnSite Member
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    I've owned a Toro 74417 (23hp Kaw with 48" T-force deck) for two years with no problems so far. Do you have the T-force deck, and if so there could be a problem with adjustable baffle you know the A,B,C settings.
  4. LawnCareNoobie

    LawnCareNoobie LawnSite Senior Member
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    If you can find any new or almost new of the 717A or 727A Z tracks then Id go for those. I would hold off on the newest Deere models for now.
  5. DillonsLawnCare

    DillonsLawnCare LawnSite Bronze Member
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    no-one has ever had problems with the T-Force as far as i've heard.
  6. kleankutslawn

    kleankutslawn LawnSite Bronze Member
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    i like the Toro but thats because that is a very common brand in this area

    DLAWNS LawnSite Fanatic
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    I'm more of a Toro guy. I have had a couple of problems here and there, but all in all I think it's a good product.
  8. POPO4995

    POPO4995 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Dont get a Deere 810 or 820 yet, they're having issues with power. The 830, 840, and 850's are ok.
  9. whoopassonthebluegrass

    whoopassonthebluegrass LawnSite Platinum Member
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    My Turbo Force deck gets clogged like crazy. I have to scrape it all the time.

    That being said, I took the time to pressure wash it clean and then sprayed it with PAM cooking spray and it did WAAAAY better for about a week...
  10. james mcdonald

    james mcdonald LawnSite Member
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    Does the toro 400 series mower's drive system smooth out over time? I demoed one and liked it except for how it handled. The hydros felt kind of jerky when going from forward to reverse as when you mow around something.

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