Toro or Snapper lawn tractor??

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by abuilds, May 19, 2006.

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    My Gravely went to its grave last week :sleeping: so I'm looking for a new mower.
    The two differentlocal dealers of lawn equiptment sell either Toro or Snapper.
    The Toro seems to be quite a bit less money all around but is the quality the same as Snapper in your opinions.
    I have about an acre and a half to mow each week with only one small hill. The rest is pretty flat for the most part.
    The Toro guy told me the 18 HP Hydrostatic with a 42" blade would run me about $1500 plus another few hundred for the bagger and mulcher blade.
    The Snapper guy said with the same specs as the Toro...the Snapper with the bagger and mulcher would be about $2400.
    Is there really taht big a differance between the two or is one dealer just a lot more money than the other?
    I'm not using the tractor for anything other than grass and snow plowing so I dont think I need one of those beefed up models.
    I don't feel comfortable goin to one of the box stores for a John Deere being all I've heard about the Deere by Home Depot sagas and there rent any JD dealers near me besides the box stores. Do any of the box stores like Blowes or Home Desperate sell anyyyyyyyy good lawn tractors? I doubt it....anyway..back to the Toro and Snapper.
    Something for around two grand......
    Whats your opinions?
    PS...The Toro guy also has a "White" tractor for sale for a good price but I've never even heard of it.
    Thanks so much
    andy on Long Island, NY
  2. stryper

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    Nope...Snapper is now made by Simplicity, and nothing cuts like a Simplicity. (Just ask 'em.) Low end Toro are made by MTD or AYP--I can't keep my initials straight--and are priced cheap for a reason.

    High end Toros, on the other hand, are as good as anything out there. :dizzy:

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