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I am Looking a purchasing a Toro Z255 Air cooled 25 hp 72" Z master. What should I pay?? The dealer wants $8000, can I chizzel him down??


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i just bought the toro z master 255 with a 62inch deck an a 25hp kohlor. i paid 7300 plus tax. 8000 seems to be a pretty good price for a 72 inch. i dont think buying a mower is like buying a car. at least at my dealer hes stern on price. i dont even try with him, hes a great dealer and i dont even mind paying a little extra to get the kinda service they provide. this is a great mower, you wont regret this purchase.


Springfield, IL
Doug-<p>Call 1-877-DO-Russo. They don't list a price for your unit, but they are price busters, I'm here to tell you. I have dealt with them in the past and they are good people. I deal with John, but they are all helpful.<p>An example:<p>Toro Z-Master 62&quot; with 23 horse Kohler (not my preference, but the are a full-line dealer) Z-255 with SFS Deck $6299.99. This is a brand new 2000 unit. So this will give you an idea how much you can save by dealing with them.<p>If I remember correctly, you are within a half days trip from them, in Chicago. Give 'em a holler and see what they say.&lt;p&gt;John&lt;p&gt;PS-Evan528 Don't feel bad, my local dealer wouldn't sell me one for $7300 if I walked in armed with an AK-47. They tell you list price when you ask for a price here. That's why I know about dealers three and a half hours away. :)<br>

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