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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by natureman, Aug 14, 2004.

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    I have a Toro Z325 made in 1999,has 1450 hours on it. Bought it with 1150 hours on it . This year I've spent $1100. on the gear box although when I asked for the old part back I found that it was just the bearings that were no good,nothing wrong with the gears,electric motor that runs the PTO, I think, $750. and now the clutch is gone $710,and it will take one week to get the part. Why does it take one week to get a part? is it because I'm in Ontario Canada? And the mark-up on the parts seems outrageous in my opinion. Can anyone tell me if they have the same problem and maybe suggest another make of machine where parts are more available and cheaper. I like the job the Toro machines do but I'm fed up with part prices and parts availability.
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    well all i can tell ya is that when i worked at the local hustler/toro dealer, we usually stocked most the big parts that you are talking about but when we did not have a toro part it did take like what seemed like forever to get it. we were alway told due to the toro brand being so popular there was always gonna be a delay in parts, but especially in these busy months now.
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    How big is your dealer?

    My Proline dealer has never had to order a part for me. I have

    2-2 stroke BBC 21"
    1-4 stroke BBC 21"
    1-32 walk behind
    1- Z master 147

    He stocks everything from gas caps, belts, tires, pulleys and bearings to major stuff like deck baffles and large parts on the bigger machines.

    I think you may need a new dealer, not a new brand.

    Also, when I replaced my 44 inch z-master with a 52, I ordered it at 3:00pm. He called toronto, had it shipped in the next day and had it assembled by 5:00 for pick up.

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