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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by question1, Jul 27, 2009.

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    Hi --

    Toro specs seem to say that max cut height on the Proline 21 is 3.25". Here in Texas, we often have to cut St. Augustine at 3.75" or 4.0". Forgive my ignorance, but is there any way to get more height from the Proline? Thanks.
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    You could probably drill another hole in the adjuster plate. I put holes in between Toro's holes so I can raise or lower in 1/8" increments and match cutting heights with my other mowers. Put grease on the the adjuster to locate your hole and then use a center punch.
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    A new hole will only get him half the adjustment increment, as there's not much room left beyond the last hole. He could go beyond the plate and tighten the wheel bolt, and have a 1/2". One answer would be having a plate welded over or on the end of the adjustment quadrant, with a few holes beyond the range it has now. I wonder though if they don't offer it bacause they find vacuum effect and cut quality would drop off considerably.

    I've used this method on a snapper to get an extra half inch in height, and cut quality at the left edge of the pass along the wheel mark does suffer when doing it. It's fine for trimming but if mowing you need to overlap more to compensate. There's not enough vacuum to lift the grass. It could work for St. Augustine though, as I imagine it is a tougher, more erect grass(?). You'll at least get to the low end of your range.

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