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toro proline 36 questions

I just bought a 99 toro proline belt drive 36 fixed deck . It seems to be in good shape . I would like to replace the front tires they are worn and flat . Should I just let the dealer replace them for me or should I try . If there is any one out there who owns one and has any maintence suggestions I sure would appreciate it . Thank you .


LawnSite Fanatic
st pete, FL
It can be a pain, but not too hard to do. Let the air out of the tires, and try to break the bead to the rim. Get a vice grip and clamp it to the rim. Get 2 thick and fairly long screwdrivers, and use to pull tire over the rim using one, then the other, then pull the first one out and use it, then the other...... till it comes off the rim. A little bit of vaseline helps out. Be sure to get new valve stems if your using tubeless tires. Its good training for when it happens at 5:00 on a friday and you have to do it yourself. Be sure not to bend the rim with the vice grip, try to clamp it over the little lip on the edge of the rim if it has one.


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mansfield ohio
i would just take the tires off the wheel assembly and take them to your dealer. i might take them 15 min or so(my dealer does it right there while u wait). is it worth that pita, to do it yourself granted u probably have some time on your hand to do the project. "Its good training for when it happens at 5:00 on a friday and you have to do it yourself" yea it does you no good if you don't have a tire on hand.


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you might try a tire shop has well. lots of them handle tires for mowers and are competively priced. in a pinch wal mart might have a tire if you knew how to change it. hard sometimes but not that hard. try it. you will appreciate your service center more