Toro Proline 36"

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Ocean Side, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. Ocean Side

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    Anyone know the dimensions of a toro proline 36 floating deck with the bagger on. The amount of area that it will take up on my trailer? It would be greatly appreciated, Trying to fabricate a set up, of a loading sketch without being near the mower right now
  2. Jay Ray

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    Don't have your exact situation Bwade, but have a Metro and an Accelerator aluminum bag. I always stow the Accelerator separatly on the trailer and secure it with bungees. Never tried it, but think the Accelerator would get scraped going on and off the trailer. With the leaf extender snapped on it would definitely scrape badly.

    My guess is you might be using a cloth bag on the Proline. Wouldn't want that to scrape either. Maybe consider taking it off and stowing it above the deck cover plate and secure with bungees (on SFS floating deck) if the trailer is small or already packed out.
  3. rfed32

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    i have a gravely 36'' nd a bagger and its under 5feet just under i think

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