toro proline 37 blade engagement not working...PLEASE HELP ASAP

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by angelo22, Jun 24, 2004.

  1. angelo22

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    from fl
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    The blade engagement on my toro proline 37 walk behind will not work. When I hit the switch it doesn't do anything.....what is the problem? Is there a way to hotwire this so i can finish cutting grass???? PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!

  2. jim dailey

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    find the wiring harness coming from the electric clutch. Seperate the connector (usually about one foot out of the clutch) to discover the 2 wires. Hot wire 12vdc to this connector to activate the clutch. You can steal the voltage from the battery. For a temporary situation, interrupt the positive side of the 12 volts with a toggle switch, a big heavy one. Run the negative wire straight to ground. A flip of the switch, and you are off. Remember to replace the original on/off switch and return things to their original condition. Should the clutch not work with straight 12 volts, check the air spacing at the 3 locations around the clutch perimeter. Adjust to 12 thousandths thickness, if adjustment is needed. Everything should be fine.

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