Toro Proline 37" recycler walkbehind Woes !

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grassworks, Apr 30, 2002.

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    Anyone else have one of these Pieces of !@$#%. Maybe it's just mine but this thing from the day I purchased it (new 2 years ago) has not performed. I Know it's a mulcher but it won't mulch more than an Inch at a time so I tried to bag and the design of the bagger ( vertical shoot ) won't cut much without clogging every 15 seconds. Finally I switched it to just side discharge hoping this might help and the thing still leaves grass (uncut) and is just about useless. Talked to my dealer a couple times and he say's everyone else loves this deck. I can't put gators (blades) on it (no size) and have tried to boost RPMs as blade speed is weak compared to my Toro 36 and my JD 48 but 14hp kaw just gets louder but blades don't speed up much. ANYONE else ?.......
  2. YLC1

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    I've used this type of mower since 1992.It has a 12.5 Kawasaki and it's belt driven.I mow mostly fescue lawns with it and it does fine.As with most mulching decks,it doesn't like wet grass.The bagger works best with the stock type blades.Gator blades are available for this deck from Lesco.I have found that the Gators don't have enough air flow to bag.Just be sure the baffle between the blades is open to bag or discharge.Also check for buildup of grass around the "kickers".Hope this helps,Richard.

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