Toro Proline 37 Walk Behind HELP!

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by tferlanie, Mar 5, 2007.

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    I just bought this mower kinda old but runs great! I mowed two yards with it and then shut it off to finish the yard when I went to put it back on the trailer every gear i put it in (1-4) made a real bad sound coming out of the gear box. I tried taking the gear box top off but couldnt get it off. Anyone had this happen to them? Im just getting started mowing yards and also happen to be kinda broke. Any help would be great thanks Tim
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    Yeah, I assume it's a Tecumseh transmission for a belt drive, and I would leave the top on for now because it's an aluminum casing and if you twist one of the half-dozen or so bolts wrong you will immediately strip them. They're not that hard to fix but if something is wrong with it you will likely have to pull the entire thing out anyhow so loosening the top does little as of now, and they are somewhat technical but not much harder than a 15-speed bicycle transmission, for example.

    But, it could be either belt having worn, like got a cut in it and some part is rubbing, so the first thing I would do is check all the belts in their entirety, I believe there are four but the wheel belts should be ok so that eliminates two, you need to check the trans-to-engine belt and the blade belt(s) of which there may be one or two.

    You also can check those little belt guides and make sure they're set about right, they shouldn't actually touch the belt but be just a little to the side with a small space of air, so it serves as a guide to prevent the belt from coming off.

    Have you greased all the greased fittings yet?
    You need to grease those every 8 hours of use, I do mine daily to make sure, there's around 12 or 14 of them.
    You can download a manual for your Toro in .pdf format from if you need more help also.
    Print it out or just reference it on your pc, whatever.

    Since you would check up underneath while doing so, after the belts check out ok start the mower and let it idle while you carefully look at both the tensioner pulley and the main transmission pulley towards the rear, and see if either one wobbles. If the tensioner does it, it's an easy part to replace and costs $20 or so (not sure, but it's not much).

    If they don't appear to wobble, first loosen the main transmission belt and then check the pulleys by hand.

    You also can check the deck pulleys, make sure it's not a blade bolt bearing going bad.

    If the main trans pulley wobbles, get back on here.
    But I'm still thinking it's most likely something stupid.

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