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Toro Proline 52

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I have a toro with 11.5 hp kawasaki
It ran well last year but did sputter a little when on low idle.

when I started it this year it will only run full throttle with choke closed
and sounds fine.

if i back off the throttle at all it will stall out at once.
the fuel lines are not blocked.

any ideas?
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Restrorob has the most likely answer for you. Carburetor gummed up from sitting idle for the season. It should be taken apart and thoroughly cleaned inside, with solvent based Carburetor/Choke Cleaner. Fuel/Air mixture is off, due to blockages inside Carb. The indicator is the fact that it runs better with the Choke engaged (cutting down on the amount of air getting through).
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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