Toro Proline Gear-Mid Size Mower

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by J. Davis, Apr 18, 2001.

  1. J. Davis

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    Just purchased a Proline gear floating deck mid-size mower with the 44" SFS deck and the 15 kawasaki engine. This machine is on order and should be deliv. this week. Need information on how this mower is doing in the field.(This mower has the T-bar control system)
  2. I suggest you buy the 52" deck. The 52' deck mows better and trims MUCH better. Spend a few hundred more and get the
    52" deck.

    If fact what you should do is buy a 52" deck with the biggest twin cylinder engine that is available.

    It only costs a bit more money to go first class.

  3. guntruck

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    Yeah lemme back Stone up on this one!!! I have the 52" with a 12.5 kaw what a waste, not enough arse, does ok but if i didnt get a good deal i probably would have waited for one with a bigger motor. And he is absolutely correct with the trimming part, by far the best trim mower i have used ( 52" deck). Good luck whatever you pick.

  4. slabpile

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    I had a toro 44" deck( old style deck) 16hp koler. It was a champ. had very few problems with it, and it left great stripes. 6yrs, 3500 hrs, and still running great!

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