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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by skyn, Nov 15, 2012.

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    Just purchased 1987 Toro 22623 with VMG6 engine off craigslist. The mower has, by signs of wear, had a long and busy life. I'm going to disassemble it, refurbish it to new condition, and put it back together. I have yet to see a new mower built nearly as well as these older Toros.
    Overall it's in running shape now. The obvious things I found thus far are:
    Pinion and wheel gears completely worn down, to the point of occasional engagement.
    Engine starts first pull, but only runs in choke. Adjust the throttle or move it away from choke and it dies. I'm going to have the carb sonic cleaned first ($10) to try and avoid buying a new one ($200+).
    Engine blows quite a bit of white smoke from exhaust when running. I have a feeling it needs new rings or a valve job or both.
    Otherwise the mower is in good shape. All of the original parts are on the mower, nothing's been ghetto rigged. I'm going to blast and powder coat the deck, fuel tank, and original steel wheels, paint the handle assembly, replace all the cables, and paint the engine housing. I'm going to do some rebuilding on the engine, haven't decided on a full rebuild or a fixit yet. Should be a fun project, I've been looking for one of these mowers for a long time. Any insight is always welcome.
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    How's it going on your project? Do you have any pics?
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    The sad of it is, generally speaking it would probably have been cheaper to buy a new one.

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