Toro S-200 points replacement help

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by SER, Feb 1, 2005.

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    Hello All. I have a Toro S-200 2 cycle snow thrower. I am replacing the points and condenser. Does anyone know where I can look up a manual where they have step by step instructions on points replacement? I am somewhat familiar with the steps but am not 100% sure. Thanks all.
    S.E.R. :)
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    Remove upper and lower shroud halves, taking care to remove choke wire from choke lever, kill wire to switch. Pull out recoil rope and knot outside engine blower housing, Take out two bolts holding mounting to frame. Remove nut and washer holding mounting bracket to blower housing. Remove four bolts holding blower housing to block. Remove blower housing. Remove flywheel exposing points housing. Lift loop in spring over point housing to allow removal of points cover and gasket. Remove points. If points have not been replaced before you will have to cut the wire going to the points as another wire(kill) is also attached at the same point. Install new point set(30547A) and condensor(30548B). Leave points set loosely until arrow on crankshaft lines up with point opening. Set point opening to .020". Reverse disassembly procedure to get back together.

    If the carb has had nothing done to it in a while, I would install a new diagphram and needle/seat while you have things broken down. Make a note on the order of the diagphram and gasket upon removal and replace in the same order. There are F and non F type carbs and the diagphram and gasket are reversed.

    Good luck.

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