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Toro SFS deck


LawnSite Member
I have read a lot of posts where some of you have said the sfs deck wasn't the greatest. I have only used Wright Standers and Toro walk behinds. I think the Toro SFS deck cuts great. Am I missing something, Is there another mower that cuts noticeably better. I'm in SW Ohio, mainly cutting wet thick fescue and bluegrass. We have just about all brands around here except walker. My dealer only carries Wright and Toro but if there is another with a better cut i would consider switching


LawnSite Member
Goreville, IL
I am running a Toro Z Master 257 and love the SFS Deck. I think it has one of the best quality of cuts I have seen! Mine has always performed great! I would stick with Toro. I hear the new Turbo Force deck is awesome!


LawnSite Gold Member
the only problem I have is when the grass is growing very fast and it is a lot of moisture in the grass then the sfs deck doesnt seem to disperse clippings as well, also last year with all the rain we had if I got a few days behind on cutting it seemed to clump at times, overall I like the deck


LawnSite Senior Member
I currently have 2 Toro w/b's with SFS decks.
In tall thick grass they plow right on through, but they send out a longer clipping. The deck does not re-cut the clippings very well. Often have to double cut on thick grass. On normal growth, I think the cut could be better, not much vacuum action, but not to the point where I would get rid of them.


LawnSite Member
I use a Toro Z-Master with the 52" SFS and have been pleased with discharging as well as recycling.My purchase of this mower was based on my ownership of an OLD Toro Pro-line 37".:)


LawnSite Fanatic
N.E. Wisconsin
I have a 44"SFS from 1999 and it cuts great. Cool season grasses also. I bought it years ago when I only had a collection deck on my Walker. This thing is a workhorse.
There were some design changes in the later years but I am not sure about that. I'm keeping mine, its a great machine.