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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cgaengineer, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. cgaengineer

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    Has anyone ever used a Toro Soft Bag on their WB? I have looked at Grass Gobbler, Accelerator Industries and some very poor pictures of the soft bag on Toros website. If anyone has used and can shed some light on the build quality or its use I would be thankful. I am looking at this for my 40" T2.

    Grass Gobbler
    Heavy steel
    Affordable ($299)

    Accelerator Industries
    Lightweight Aluminum
    Expensive ($500)

    Toro Soft Bag
    Cost (About &199-$250)
  2. cgaengineer

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    Bump! Anyone?
  3. Roger

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    I have both a Grass Gobbler and a soft bag -- use on a 36" Exmark Viking.

    The Grass Gobbler has lasted for many years -- now showing rust signs, some seams coming apart. But, all things considered, good durability. Big downfall -- WEIGHT! The bracket stays on the mower and the bagger just slips on/off easily.

    The soft bag doesn't fill quite as well. But, it is in two parts, takes more time to get mounted for a couple of bags. However, the portable part is lighter and easier to dump. I have used mine for a few years, but not every day. It shows some sign of wear with the cloth part. The frame has held well.
  4. Jason Rose

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  5. cgaengineer

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    I cant understand why the Accelerator is so expensive, but it makes me like the soft bag even more!
  6. LawnTamer

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    The soft bag wears out very quickly. I run a couple of Toro WBs and they have soft bags. I am very lucky if a bag lasts one season. Once you have the mounting plate and all, you can use generic cloth bags, which are identical to the Toro bags and about half the price. I picked up some cloth replacements last spring at Lesco for about $70, but now that they've been acquired by John Deere, I doubt that will continue.

    This year I am going with the grasspacker. About $225, I'm hoping it will outlast the cloth system.
    grasspacker1 .jpg

    grasspacker1 .jpg
  7. cgaengineer

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    LawnTamer that Grasspacker looks pretty good and the price is right. I just cant see spending almost $400 for a grass catcher, to me thats highway robbery!
  8. mowerbrad

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    I've used the cloth bags before, and found that they work alright. I was using it only for 2 weeks while I waited for my collection system to come, but none the less it picked up the grass quite well.
  9. cgaengineer

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    How about Catcher King, they seem to be priced well?
  10. Lazer_Z

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    Chris try the link that Jason posted. It seems they have a good price on the Accelerators.

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