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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DanG, Sep 19, 2000.

  1. DanG

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    I was wondering if anyone knows if Toro has updated /recalled their spindle shafts & pulleys on their mowers.
    I've had alot of trouble with them this year and the dealer i use says that they had a bunch of bad shafts that came from the factory.
    It causes the splines to strip where they are matched up to each other.
    Also I noticed that when I ordered a spindle assembly for my 52" the new one has a splined shaft and pulley and the old one i took out didn't (which makes me think that they updated them)

    On a seperate note , I found out that Z- master's don't float : (

    Put one of mine in a pond today, the grass was wet from light rain and got on some clippings on a steep hill and that was it.
    Also found out that the pond is over my head when I bailed off when it hit the water.So I at least got some swimming in too. : )

    Only good thing was that the motor never went under
  2. landscaper3

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    We heard of spindel problems on older ones and that was not a big issue but the 2000s have changed I belive well according to my toro flyer they have.

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