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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Landscraper1, Sep 27, 2012.

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    1) As a Professional, "you "know"???
    2) Number of holes = customers don't care or are they are uninformed???
    3) You mention my personal name on this site. Professional???
    4) You got a beef with TURFCO??? Why?
    5) Does TURFCO build a stand-on aerator? If so, please let me know.

    The above "1 -- 5" make you look like ___________
    Try this:

    I certainly do not mean to personally attack you, but I disagree with you. Nothing personal whatsoever. And suggesting 20 - 40 plugs per square foot might be overkill in many situations (unless you're talkin' serious renovation).

    NOTE: Our Ryan 48" tow-behind aerators come with a "set number of tines", yet Ryan allows one to "double that number" of tines on these aerators.

    Plugr walk- behinds pull more plugs than you are recommending, and they are great aerators.

    p.s. "whether" is not spelled "weather". just sayin'

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    A couple things to consider. Last week I ordered the xt5 and will be picking it up today. Before this I called the exmark dealer asking about pricing and how soon it would come in. He called the emark rep and was told won't have anything ready to ship till aug. Also was told they were redoing some things due to field breakdowns.

    So even if you wanted a exmark/toro and your dealer didn't have one on the floor could they get it?

    One machine I think is overlooked is the LT Rich aerator. Very solid machine and has other attachments so it can be used throughout the year. Service and support seems very good also. Exmark/toro is more of a add on to the mower sales and dealers don't seem to know the in's and out of their aerators. Turfco seems to have good service support system in place. Turfco Bob is a asset to them.

    By the sounds of it turfco has a ride on in the works, but if it has a steering wheel no thanks. Interesting to see what they come up with but I'm leaning on buying a LT Rich unit next year.
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    Thanks for being my spell checker, by the way I own an XT5 so I don't see where I have a problem with Turfco. I see you mentioned the price of the ride-on aerators so when Turfco comes out with theirs and it's price point is around 10,000 you will be all right with that right?
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    djag -- unless LT Rich has somehow changed their Z-aerator, I don't think it's a machine to consider. But I have not tried one for over a year. Just sayin'.

    Regarding Toro/Exmark >> their main USA warehouse is here in Ankeny, IA. Spoke with a local dealer last week. Said the warehouse had plenty. ??? Exmark/Toro, etc.

    XT5 = you won't be sorry. It's my guys' favorite "walk-behind" bar none.

    Service 1st. I was rude to you. I apologize. I tested the Toro stand-on aerator (again) today. I wish it pulled about 50% more plugs. And there is NO WAY to add additional tines. I was pulling plugs nearly 4 inches at the 2000 psi - just wish I could pull twice as many 2 1/2 inch plugs. 30 inch aeration width kinda sucked too. Especially for nearly $10,000.

    If you hear of TURFCO building a stand-on aerator, please let me know. Will was here today (TURFCO), and he was unaware also. Please keep me informed. Thanks.
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    I've had my ExMark Riding Aerator 30" for a year now. No great!

    I usually only have the psi at 200 to 250. No need to go deeper....pulls 2 1/2" to 3 1/4" plugs. I usually over lap a bit when I make a big's quick, fast, and easy.

    Tearing up the grass...just let up on the tine pedal before you come to the end of the yard....make your "Y" turn....then when you are square...hit the tine pedal and go the opposite way.

    Making turns with the tines in the ground...can be done...if you go slow and don't have a sharp circle, but I usually just hexagon with straight passes around trees/bushes....this way it gives me enough room/boarder around the object and then I can run straight back in forth....just like cutting a yard. It looks like their yard is striped with a ton of little plugs laying in their grass.

    The question is...can you justify spending a lot of money for aeration? If you don't have a lot of customers or wanting to expand your aeration business...then it's had to justify the cost.

    If you are's a great can replace two to three workers = More Profit!

    I guess I'm lucky...because My L.S. Dual Hydro Walk behind Aerator 24" works great for me! And if Toro/ExMark ever comes out with this may not make more plugs (like other machines)...but at full speed....I have to almost run behind it...or you can use a sulky if you like. But it's a great machine for backyards with gates.

    As long as your customer is happy....that's all that matters....and I've never had a customer complain on My Plug Count in their yards. They are usually amazed at how many plugs are in their yard.
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    I wish the Toro stand-on aerator pulled about 50% more plugs (that would be sweet). Can't add any more tines to the unit either (I crawled underneath).

    Here's what I thought was illogical >>> location of fixed tines vs free-wheeling tines:

    2 rows (total of 4 rows) of fixed tines at "each end" (causing turf tearing). 4 rows of "free-wheeling tines" in the "middle". Shouldn't the free-wheeling tines be on the outside??? Just wondering. Might be a reason -- not sure.

    I say why not create more plugs per sq ft - even if they are only 2 1/2 inch deep??
  7. Rick13

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    Not sure why you would want more plugs....the more plugs....more of a mess if the ground is damp. The ExMark works great, pulls super plugs, quick, easy, and makes aeration fun! Something you usually don't associate with!!!

    ExMark Riding Aerator.jpg
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    Good looking photo Rick (thanks). Is there a difference between the Exmark stand-on aerator & the Toro?? Curious. They're both "red". lol

    Also wondering if anyone out there might be interested in going 50/50 (I buy one & they buy one) so we can get the "fleet discount" ??? Keep in mind that I am a cheapa$$, and I don't want to shell out ten thousand dollars (includes tax) for an aerator.
  9. Rick13

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    Nope...they are both pretty much the same... Toro & ExMark.

    Your dealer should be able to add you to another sale so you can get a fleet discount. Mine does....and I'm not a big customer....just a solo operator.

    So I think they should work something out for you....just ask.
  10. XYZLawnPros

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    All in all it definitely seems like toro has gone to the "push junk out as new models as fast as we can for profit" and then "let the suckers who have purchased the new model do all the work in telling us how to fix it" operation strategy.
    Just hearing the words from Landscraper1 that toro does in fact not have most of the parts to fix broken down machines would make me run the other way from purchasing this machine. That would be the equivalent of you purchasing a new truck off the dealer lot and it breaking down the next day, only to be told "sorry, we don't have any parts to fix your new truck. In my opinion that is extremely pathetic. Sounds exactly like the issue I encountered when I was going to purchase a new gravely stand on. Horrendous service and not knowing the outcome after a mishap.
    My pops always told me, "NEVER BUY A FIRST YEAR MODEL OF ANYTHING WITH AN ENGINE ON IT." Best advice ever.

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