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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Landscraper1, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. FdLLawnMan

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    The Toro/Exmark has been on the market for over a year and it is definitely not junk.
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  2. Rick13

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    I think Toro/ExMark were surprised at how many people were ordering their riding aerators.

    When Lawn Solutions had had their riding aerators (before selling out to Toro)...they had a hard time maintaining enough parts for the demand from the customer. They were caught not having a good supply chain in their customer service suffered, they L.S. sold machines that they couldn't make because they didn't have parts, didn't really know when they were going to get the parts, and the story goes on. They had a good product, but couldn't supply the demand the customer needed.

    They made and changed the aeration world (I think) with a great machine....yes it needed some improvements....but I think they were on the right track....they just didn't want to deal with the rest of the problems that comes with owning a business...going from small to a world level.

    The guys down there wanted to spend time making new machines... then hunt down a good machine company that could make quality parts and supply them on time. So their reputation suffered and then Toro came and made a deal they couldn't refuse. The big companies buys the small guy and then repack their product to make more money.

    So Toro is in the same boat....they have a ton of orders....and they don't have a good supply chain in place. Many other companies have the same problem.
  3. djagusch

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    David, the ls guy worked for toro before ls so I'm guessing he had a plan to sell to them from the get go. Set it up, promote it, sell some, and sell out.

    Toro with the mfg capactity's they have don't have a supply chain issue if they cared for the line. Guessing the volume dictates the money they throw at it. The need to also educate dealers as they have little info.

    Just my 2 cents.
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  4. corey4671

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    I bought the Exmark unit last fall. I honestly felt like I knew more about the machine than the dealer did (large Case IH dealer just recently picked up the Exmark line...VERY rural area). I have NO...ZERO regrets. Coupled with my text marketing campaign, I did more aerations last fall than I believe I've ever done. I used to hate aerating and honestly wouldn't even advertise it. Now, I look forward to it and I'm kinda even having aerator withdrawals right now LOL
  5. americanlawn

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    Toro stand-on aerator questions:

    1) With the amount of download pressure used to pull good plugs, how do the tines hold up going over tree roots, unexpected chunks of concrete, etc?
    a) How often do you replace tines?
    b) Do you replace tines due to damage, or just wear & tear?

    2) We have a really great local dealer, so that's not a problem. And the Toro stand-on aerator is so easy to work on that we could do repairs ourselves.
    My problem is they won't budge on price unless we buy more Toro equipment. I realize they are limited by Toro, so I can't blame the dealer.
    I hesitate spending $10,000 on an aerator that is used only 5 - 8 weeks per year.
    Then if I buy one, my luck is they will improve it the following year.

    Where is TURFCO, RYAN, and others? Curious. We plan to buy a stand-on aerator in August....don't care what color it is, just so it's made in America & is high quality.

    Thanks in advance for any responses. (kinda figuring others have the same concerns??)
  6. corey4671

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    I can answer one of those questions. Last fall I was on a large property letting the exmark eat for all it was worth. Hit a large rock and it launched me and the machine in the air throwing me off
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  7. Rick13

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    I haven't replaced any tines yet. I've got 6 extra tines...I usually clean the tines after each use....this way I can unplug and rocks or tree roots that get stuck in the tine.

    I use I long flat head screwdriver...and if a rock or tree root is stuck in the tine....I use the screwdriver and plastic hammer to push it out of the tine.

    I usually only use 200 to 250 psi....and get 2 1/2" to 3 1/2" plugs...anything more is over kill. Plus going up or down hill at the lower psi makes it easier on the machine. And you have a better chance of not tearing up the customer's grass.

    If you wait until the Fall, I am sure Toro or ExMark will run a "special" and then you should be able to get it down to $8,500.00.

    That's what I paid of mine...or it was $8,000????

    But My ExMark dealer hooked me up with someone I could get a fleet discount. I guess he's just glad to get the volume of sales.
  8. americanlawn

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    Thanks guys -- Good info. Another advantage I like is being able to "adjust" the down pressure in order to pull the proper plug depth. Hard/dry soil or moist/soft soil. I think I'll take Rick13's advice and wait closer to fall before I buy one. (thanks)
  9. dalacasatd

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    Don't buy this aerator! Bought a brand new one in 2012. Has 150 hours on it. The right shaft and tire fell right off in a clients backyard. how embarrassing it was trying to push this thing with one wheel to the front yard. Especially when the equipment is new. Took about 2-3 weeks to get it fixed. Then this year, second day of aerating, the other side falls right off. Called exmark directly and also called our sales rep and they said there is nothing they can do for us. How about that customer service? Looks like we will never buy another exmark product again, and we will keep telling this experience to everyone we know. We would of liked to hear that, here is another one until we fix yours" or something like that. But exmark just said oh well!!
    Don't buy this product! When it works its fast, but remember, it takes about 2 hours every night to clean all the sprockets out because dirt and dead grass gets stuck in all the sprockets. Terrible design.
  10. Rick13

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    Sorry to hear about your bad experience.

    I usually clean my tines after each customer's yard. Remove two bolts that holds the metal plate to the tines. I have a plastic hammer to punch out any rocks that might get stuck. But I use a 8 inch flat head screwdriver to clean each tine out. This way I know its good for the next customer's yard. It takes about 10 minutes and then I'm good to go.

    This also gives me a chance to check the chains out before I go into another customer's yard.

    If you are getting a bunch of mud, sounds like the ground is a little too wet. I know it can turn into a muddy mess the way this machine can pull such deep plugs.

    Good luck and I hope you get your machine fixed.

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