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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by EHesseyLawns, Oct 23, 2002.

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    any of you guys have a stripe kit on a toro wb? or how do i go about making one? ive seen a bunch for DC's and eX's but not one for a toro....thanks
  2. toro sells a stripe kit for the zmasters.
    We put one on our 52's it works fairly well.I think its 75$ for the kit .

    If your walkbehind has a sfs deck im sure they have a stripe kit for it to
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    Would you care to describe Toro's stripe kits? I've never seen one on anything.
  4. Its a long strip of rubber you drill a few holes in the deck and bolt it on.
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    Oh, I saw that on a Gravely. It didn't work! You had to cut close for it to make good contact and by the time you got it that close, the grass was too short to stripe. But our grasses here are harder to stripe anyways.
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    I tried that same deal with the deck roller some time back. Needless to say I was trying to rid myself of the roller I made for stripes years ago. I don't know how long Big Leages has been in business, but somehow I feel the stole my idea! Nah, prolly just pot luck.

    My old roller worked good, I was just tire of it being behind me in the way. So I tried something similar to what you did. I had brackets welded on. The whole bit. It didn't work for me worth a flip!!! It would do OK if I let the weight of the deck ride on it. But god it banged the deck every which way slowing me down. I just took it off and stayed with what I had.
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    This is my first post here on lawnsite. I have been using this as a learning tool for the past few months. This is finally a subject that I can give some input on.

    I use a 36" proline fixed deck as my primary mower. When the subject of striping came up recently I began to look at ways to make my accounts look that professional. I actually incorporated two of the ideas I read about here at the same time so I have no idea which one is the most effective.

    1) My proline came with a rubber flap hanging from the deck with an empty loop at the bottom. I used an $0.89 piece of 1/4 all thread to insert through the loop. Coat it with WD-40 or silicon and use a drill to get it through.

    2) I built something similar to the DC kit (see Eric ELM's page) out of angle iron, chain, and 1 1/2 x 5/16 bolts. This is attached to the frame by L brackets through the existing holes in the frame.

    Email me if you would like a picture.

    The results were dramatic and immediate.

    I began doing designs in my customer lawn that really got their attention.

    One customer actually asked me to unload the mower and do a checkerboard design in her lawn. I told her I would the next time.

    I hope this is helpful.
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    That flap idea was me. I posted some pics in another thread. I bought it from eXmark and put the threaded rod in the bottom with my drill. It's about $20 total. Mine hooks to the axle but they make one for hydros also. It stripes my lawns great because it's not dependent on deck height. I'm going to experiment on the roller ideas also because I think the roller is the best stripe regardless of mowing height.
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    basically, it doesnt sound like putting the roller on my wb is worth it and i just wait and put it on my ztr (when the money comes in). big league makes stripe kits but they only make them for exmark, scag and i think hustler but i cant remember now.

    odin00, you're from nashville rite?

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