Toro Super Recycler with Gator?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TheGrassGuy, Sep 7, 2002.

  1. TheGrassGuy

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    I have a Toro Super Recycler and it has kickers attached to the underside of the deck. Anyone know if Gators or Atomic (Toro similar to Gator) can be used on this deck?
  2. Yes you can, but with the BBC model, the clutch guard will be a little bit grinded on the first spin.

    Also i put double on mine yesterday. I use a flat blade (reg lift) from another toro deck. same center hole and lenght.

    The result is very very very unbeliveable. Now the vacuum is awesome.

    oupsss i did'nt see before we were talking about a super recycler, probably the same deck as a proline. The deflectors are not a problem.
  3. joed

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    I know that you can put the atomic/gator blade on the older non-BBC models and I believe you can but them on 2001 and new models with the BBC. I have used this blade on my Toro Proline 21" with mixed results. The blade shredded everything in sight to nothing. For example, one house that I cut would normally fill up 2 of the bags attached to the mower during the spring. When I tried it with the gator, not a single blade of grass went into the bag. On the downside, the gator/atomic blade doesn't leave as good of a cut as the regular blade. It seems to not have enough air lift and it causes the grass to push down not up. I guess a combination of the gator and regular blade would be the best.

    Good luck
  4. TheGrassGuy

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    From another thread I understand the Atomic blade from Toro would be more suited if it would clear the kickers on the bottom of the Super Recycler. Anyone have any experience with the Atomics on the Super Recycler? Do they interfere with the kickers or touch them?
  5. no they don't interfer with the kickers. If you want to be safe, measure the clearance between blade and kickers then remove your blade and compare it side by side with the atomic at your dealer.
  6. rkbrown

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    I use Toro Proline 21's without the BBC and run a gator on them. Excellent mulching machine !

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