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    I have a Toro Super Z 52 inch. Now bear with me as I'm not the best with mechanical terms. I love the mower but have had one major problem. There are four bolts that hold the hub in place, than the lugs come out of that and that is where the tire goes on. Well a few months after I purchased the mower these bolts must have gotten loose and then snapped. This happened again early this summer. Now, the other day they all loosened up but I caught it before they snapped. I tightened them up and finished out the day and dropped it offer at my dealer. They are contacting Toro about this problem. Has anyone else had this problem with their Toro or any other mower for that matter? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. If anyone needs anything explained about my problem I will do my best to explain it. Thanks.
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    Sounds like a vibration problem. Even though you may not feel it, it may be there. Everyone should always check fastners every oil change or so for tightness.
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    It will happen before then. The Diesel ZTR does the same thing with with the Hydro Motor coming off. I just pulled the hub and reversed the bolts and used a Nylon nut and a lock washer. I tried lock tight at first but its a funny angle and that didn't work.

    Also another tip, when you take the wheel off check your hydro lines as well I just blew throw one early last month. My solution was to take a piece of old radiator hose to surround the line. From some reason they have the lines resting on the frame rail.
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    I hate the fact that the manufacturer's don't bother to protect the hoses better on the hydro's.

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    Thanks for the great advice. Any other input would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Im thinking your having trouble with the 4 bolts that hold the wheel motor to the frame or bracket?? depending on the year, model, sn# there were some times of trouble on ztrs, and even some of the new walk behinds (turf tracer hp), both exmark and toro.

    There are update kits out there for the ZTRs with new hardware and a frame support bracket/brace. Once updated all the units seemed to be fine, and should have been covered under warranty. And as mentioned above, The heavier the unit (diesel,etc) the quicker the issue showed up, specially if you had to climb over curbs, etc for alot of properties. Even the diesel Z590 series, after we updated the 20+ we retailed, they have been out there with out issues for hundreds of hours.

    On the walk behinds it was a hardware change that bit em. They went to a built in flange serrated bolt and either they were not getting tightened enough on the assy line or the bolts just started loosening up but we have seen a lot of loose wheel motors on walk behinds this year. Once we replaced the damaged brackets, wheel motors, etc and were told to use the old style hardware (std bolt, spring disk washer) and strong loctite they have stayed out.

    Hopefully your dealer gets on the phone with tech service or the toro dealer website and they can find the proper bulletins/updates to get you fixed up for good.
    Let us know what happens.

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    Yes it is the wheel motor that I was trying to explain and I believe its an 07. My dealer will be calling Toro on Monday and hopefully rectify this problem. Thanks for the interesting information that you shared. I will post the conclusion. Thanks again.
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    in addition to the chassis upgrade kit and/or factory modification there has been wheels that come loose on there studs . If u look at the wheel rim it is very very thin metal where the wheel nut fits . Overtighten the wheel nut and it could easily bottom out on the stud there fore having a wheel that is not tight .
    Recomend only tighten by hand
    Mainly on diesels and also when there is alot of curb hopping but due to the same setup on gasers this is something to be AWARE of


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