TORO T bar hydro or gear?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by whiteclifflawn, May 14, 2005.

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    I have finally settled on a toro tbar for this year at least to solve my tight yard prob. but a couple of my buddys are saying oh you just need the gear it's so easy, but I HATE gear drive walk behinds, had a old gravely when I started, MAN, I hated that thing. To be fair it was old and out dated. but is the hydro t bar much better than the gear, completely diffrent set up for me. I am concerned, be cause I am looking at the 44" models of both, and the hydro is only 15HP, and the gear is the old 17HP kaw.
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    Faster no belts to wear out or slipping in wet conditions, I had a snapper gear wb for first mower and it would suck when it was wet outside. Also the belts wore out fast and i was always messing with belt tension. Go with the toro 44'' sfs deck with t bar you wont regret it.
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    hyrdo, not even close.
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    The T bar gear mowers are a definite step up in ease of use from pistol grips. I have also owned a hydro 44 T bar 15hp kohler. I sold it fairly quickly. It is jumpy and the 15hp was not enough for heavy grass or mulching. It cut very nicely, though. It also had a traction problem with the design that year that I think has since been fixed.

    There are better mowers probably if you want a mower that handles a lot of tight areas. I'd look into hustler or Gravely hydros with their better steering systems (vs pistol) The problem is that the 44" is a great deck size (fits through more gates yet isn't too small like a 36") and no other brands seem to have something like that. Well, Husqvarna has a 42" hydro, but I had a hard time when I tested it getting it to steer where I wanted it.
  5. I just purchased a new 32 toro with tbar, I have never owner or operated a hydro walk behind, that said, when I bought the proline and got home with it, I was in the driveway checking it out, my 11 year old daughter came out and wanted to try it, I am not kidding, she mowed my neighbors front lawn and then proceeded to do their next door neighbor, I had to go and stop her, I really don't like those neighbors, anyway, what I am trying to say is that this navigation system is really easier than any 21 I have ever guided, it turns very smooth, no jerking. Hydro was about 800 dollars more and I really didn't need it to begin with, I only have 2 back yards I cant get my ZTR in. But I can say I am very pleased with this set-up. Oh yea she mowed nice and straight, I will have a helper in a few more years.
    hope I said something you can use...
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    Yeah i think hydros are the only way to go! I think it is well worth the extra money.
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    You are buying a very good mower that will last a long time. Spend the extra money now and get the hydro, you will be a lot better off down the road.

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