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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BRIAN GALLO, Sep 26, 2001.


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    Toro owners, I need some opinions on that “T-Bar” steering. I was all set to buy a new 48” Toro wb with T-Bar when my local dealer told me they aren’t that great. They told me all those pivot points wear out fast and the whole steering gets sloppy. How would you guys rate the T-Bar against other loop style steering, like Snapper’s? How is that T-Bar when climbing up slopes; your natural tendency is to slide back, so is it hard to keep that bar pushed forward?

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  2. AltaLawnCare

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    I believe the giggest advantage to the "T" is that you can steer it with one hand.
    I've seen many old toros with lots of hours and they seem to hold up ok.
    The main thing I like about my gear drive is the T-Bar steering.
  3. andyslawns

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    i have a toro t- bar. i absoulutly love it it is a 1997 and has had nothing wrong with it. it is also extreamly easy to manuver and learn on. just my 2 cents worth
  4. TotalLawn

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    I LOVE mine!! Really easy!!
    No problems so far.(bought it new this year)
  5. dlandscaping

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    i bought my tbar last year and not a problem. i know many lcos with 1000+ hours on theirs and no pivot problems at all or anything wrong with the steering. if you dealer told you that i guess he had a bad experience but for me and the 100's of toros around me nothing but good things.
  6. wallzwallz

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    I have 1986 toro wb bought used in 1988 , used regularly until 3 or 4 yrs ago, has 3000+ hrs on it + the only thing i probably haven't replaced is the steering arms. The steering is so easy to use, by weeks end you'll love it. It still works a day or two here + there as backup.
  7. guntruck

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    Around here iv'e heard it called the "sissy bar", due to its ease of use. We have never replaced anything on ours except the usual maintenance parts that wear and we like it, the steering that is. As stated above its very very easy to learn and even going up hills you have the solid back bar for bracing your self with your finger tips so all in all it works out quite well.
  8. The Toro gear drive walk behind is the VW Beatle of commercial lawnmowers.

    The have been produced in mass quanitys as a t-bar model since
    1985. I have 5 of them right now with six 62, 52,48 recycler and 44" decks.

    No need to go to the dealer for parts when you have a dedicated machine to canablize as needed. All machines have sulky attachment plates also.

    Do yourself a favor and forget that 48" fixed and buy a used 52"
    with a twin cylinder engine.

    The last time I looked there was about four 52" Toros going for $1100 to $1500 on traderonline.
  9. edward hedrick

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    Ive owned 3 T bar machines a 44Toro,a 48 scag and a 52 Lesco
    The toro from 88-2001, I convertted the scag and the Lesco.
    the 52 Lesco was easier to handle with the T bar. I used it with a
    sulky for larger places. Was able to back up with T bar.
    Great on hills, don't have to squeeze 2 handles to stop. Also hands are inside. Don't get squeezed as on pistol grips.

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