Toro T2 T-Bar hydro and Exmark Turf Tracer HP: pictorial tour

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DCE, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. DCE

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    Currently I am demo-ing two dual hydro walk behinds - Toro's T2 T-Bar hydro and Exmark's Turf Tracer HP. I actually have both demo units together right now and thought you guys would enjoy some pics and impressions, for those who maybe considering both or either one. Both demo units are of the same configuration - 19 HP Kawi FH580V engines and 48" floating decks.

    The Toro has the new T2 T-Bar dual lever controls, the Exmark has the ECS constrols. I've been messing with the TTHP the past few days and I have found that it has taken me a bit longer to get accommodated with the controls in order to facilitate smooth operation of the mower without any hurky-jerky action. I can see how the ECS' hand positioning will be comfortable during extended operation. On the other hand, I found that I took to the T2 faster than the TTHP. The T2 controls are second nature to anyone who has run a ZTR before, same principle.

    As you can see from the pics, the TTHP has a shorter wheelbase and wider stance than the T2. I found that when traversing the rough section of my backyard, the front wheels of the TTHP would bounce slightly. The T2 did not. Why? I attributed this to two things. 1) The deck carrier frame of the T2 is beefier than that of the TTHP and 2) The Turbo Force deck is heavier due to its various reinforcements like the bullnose leading edge and trim side wear bar.

    Unfortunately, I will not have enough time with the TTHP to test out its cutting performance, but I have used the T2 and the Turbo Force is quite impressive in action. Even thick, dew-saturated grass is discharged evenly without clumping or windrowing...while moving at a good clip in terms of ground speed.

    Here are some pics of the mowers together, from various angles:




  2. DCE

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    Here are up-close pics of the deck carrier frames, you can clearly see the T2's is beefier. Now, this may not mean that it's stronger than the TTHP...but it is something interesting to note.

    If you notice on the T2, the deck covers are secured by latches. Pop up each latch and the covers remove easily, without having to mess around with wingnuts like the TTHP. Add to that, the two outer spindle covers on the T2 can be removed quickly and easily without tools, using one latch each. The TTHP's require a wrench.

    Here's the TTHP:


    ....and the T2:


    Overall, both mowers are constructed very well and they definitely are heavy duty. Fit and finish is excellent. All welds are nice and clean. If I had to pick one of these now it probably would be the T2...maybe, my opinion will change if I could spend more time with the TTHP. Then again, I am due to demo a 48" Trimstar in about a couple weeks... :cool2:
  3. S man

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    I'm jealous. My dealers don't give me two extremely nice and expensive w/bs to demo. How long do you get to have them for?
  4. DCE

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    Sometimes it's who ya know instead of what ya know :laugh: The TTHP goes back on Monday. The T2 I get to keep a bit longer since the rep is busy now and will be leaving for GIE/EXPO this coming week. He'll pick it up after he returns. It's also a good thing I have both at the same time, you'd be surprised on how much stuff I've noticed that is different between the two that you wouldn't notice if you looked at each one-by-one.
  5. TheLawnBarber

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    So which one is your mind leaning to? I will agree about the front end does bounce a little on the Exmark with Ecs for some reason espeacialy when your using a sulky. ( I have a 06 Metro 36" with Ecs and Jungle Wheels ) What is your opinion on how well they cut? They both are the same company so really you can't go wrong with either one you choose.
  6. cgaengineer

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    Now here is my biased opinion as I have the 40" Toro T2.

    Say what you wanna say, but the Toro is built like a tank and the Exmark is a childs toy! Notice all of the hardware/linkage for the Toro T2's controls all tucked away under the handle bars, notice how Exmark had to make a bracket to keep your fingers out of the linkage. Take note of the smaller tubing for the Exmark frame and the handlebars. The Toro has protected grease zerks on front casters and to remove the blade doest require 2 wrenches. The Toro also has a reinforced leading edge on the deck.

    The big difference is when you look under the decks and see the tiny aluminum spindles of the Exmark vs the very large heavy steel ones on the Toro.
  7. Runner

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    Also, look at these two things...The size of the sq. tubing of the arms that go out to the front casters. Also, look at the size of the front caster spindles themselves. I think I WOULD appreciate the 4 deck handles as opposed to the two on the Toro, though.
  8. Frue

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    great post and 2 great mowers
  9. JayD

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    All I can say is, I have the exmark turf tracer HP 52" and it is very good. I love it.
  10. cgaengineer

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    The two handles is not a problem and actually a 2x4 would work better for lifting the decks on both of the mowers for raising and lowering!

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