Toro Timecutter Z 17-52


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I am about to make a trade of a 1994 Toyota Corolla with 265,000 miles that I got for payment of helping my girlfriend's aunt move. I have no money invested in the car, only labor. The interior is in top notch condition. Do you think this is a good trade? I plan on mowing between 6-10 small lawns a week and maybe 1-2 decent commercial properties. This is a model # 74701 - 2001 model and the motor has been replaced with a 17.5 HP Kohler motor, 52" deck. It runs good and I tested it out and drove it around a little. The pumps seem to be good and at most I would only have to put some fresh paint on it and new barrings in the deck. He has a $80 set of blades that comes with it. I have been wanting a ZRT for a few years and this seems like the perfect chance and a great deal. What concerns should I have? I think the mower would be worth atleast $1,500 and thats what I was asking for the Toyota on Craigslist but was figuring on getting at most $1,200. Is the Toro Timecutter z 52-17 a good mower? I was also looking at plow setups for ZRT's would this do ok with a plow? :usflag:




Darryl G

17 HP on a 52 inch deck is pushing it...pretty marginal.

I've never owned or used a Timecutter but they aren't exactly known for their longevity from what I've heard/read and that unit looks like it has some hours on it. I'd be carefull that you don't get yourself in a situation where you're relying on it. Personally I think both the car and the mower are basically worthless so I guess it would be an even trade, lol.


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I own one of these but it's an 18-52. Nice little mower but very slow and very rough to ride. I put about 900 hrs on mine before the hydro gave out. At the purchase price of $1400 for a replacement hydro I decided to scrap mine out. If that one already has a replacement engine on it, the hydros won't last much longer. They are only rated for 600 hr service life. There is no way that mower is worth $1500.
Find a nice walkbehind with a sulky and you will out cut that timecutter and you'll have a better mower.
This is from personal experience with a older timecutter mower.
For comparison that mower is built much like the newer Toro Titan mowers. It is worlds above the new cheap timecutter series they now have.