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Discussion in 'Toro' started by lawnguy27, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. lawnguy27

    lawnguy27 LawnSite Member
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    I have a Timecutter Z 4220 that i bought new in August of 2009. I was wondering how long it will last. It is used to mow 13 yards per week.
  2. The Toro Company

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    It is hard to put a finite number on how long the product will last because there are a lot of variables to consider such as cumulative run time, turf conditions, and maintenance. If you are using a residential TimeCutter product for a commercial business, rather than a commercial product (like the Z Master) you could expect that the life of the product would be shorter. Performing regular maintenance on the product will help to ensure that you get the most out of the unit. All of the components are quality tested before they are used on the machines so that we are confident that we are providing consumers with the best possible product.
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    The Toro Company
  3. 1506cmo18

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    lawnguy27, I watched some of your videos on youtube.

    The bagger system you have on your mower, is it the one sold by toro?

    I just purchased a ss4235 but am having troubles finding a bagger system for it.
  4. The Toro Company

    The Toro Company LawnSite Senior Member
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    Yes, Toro manufactures the bagger for the new TimeCutter SS4235. The bagger model number is 79334.
    The Toro Company
  5. RGM

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    i have seen them last for about 5 years max the engines on those are not the commercial engine you get with a good mower but should hit near 1000 hrs even though they are rated about 500 its how good you take care of it how often you sharpen blade etc
  6. 1506cmo18

    1506cmo18 LawnSite Member
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    Can you inbox me a price?
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  7. tbarnesgco

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    Anyone know how much I should pay around for a 2007 toro z master 44" with 1370 hrs? The guy says it's been well maintained and has new belts with 16 hp Briggs and Stratton. He wants $1700. Thanks for any advice
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